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Every year fewer and fewer curves are available from major manufacturers on the retail hockey stick market.  These days, you're lucky to find anything besides Blade 1 (P92/P29/W03/TC2 etc), Blade 2 (P88) or Blade 6 (P28), despite the fact that the world's best players use a huge variety of different curves at the NHL level, and we routinely see 20+ different patterns coming in from the pro teams that we work with.

When they zig, we zag.  Previously, we brought back some of the most popular extinct retail curves like Blade 3 (PM9), Blade 4 (P91A), and Blade 7 (P02) in our Pro Blackout line, and we a thrilled to be building upon that with even more variety in 2022! 

We are now offering 13 new curves in our Pro Blackout Custom lineup, inspired by the specs your favourite NHL players are using night in and night out.

PRO8: Similar to Alexander Ovechkin Pro Curve

The Pro Ovi is a massive open toe curve that starts from the heel and continues to open up towards the toe - perfect for big shooters who want to raise the puck with ease.  This pattern was popular enough to be offered at retail for a few years, and can also be found as Blade 14 on our site. The blade has average length and fairly traditional P92-style blade shape.  Lie 5.

Used by: Alex Ovechkin, TJ Oshie, Martin Frk, Nolan Foote

PRO1088: Similar to Patrick Kane Pro Curve

Patty Kane has one of the most iconic custom curves in today's NHL.  Adapted from the old retail P10 "Shanahan", it is a little bit flatter than the Shanny with other changes to the heel, shape, and toe.  Perfect for stick handling and throwing sauce.  The blade has average-long length with a fairly square toe.  Lie 6.

Used by: Patrick Kane

PRO29: Similar to Patrik Laine Pro Curve

Laine's sweet custom toe curve is like a blend of P92, P28, & P14.  A versatile pattern great for stickhandling and shooting, this is one that we expect to see a lot more of in future years.  The blade is average length and has a P92-type shape with the P14's semi-squared toe. Lie 6.5.

Used by: Patrik Laine, numerous Finnish pros

PRO97: Similar to Connor McDavid Pro Curve

The NHL's most electric player deserves a sweet custom curve, and McDavid delivers with this custom pattern.  This pattern is an almost 50/50 hybrid between the P92 and the old Easton E7 Iggy curve - P92 curve with Iginla blade shape (short with semi-square toe). Lie 5.  

Used by: Connor McDavid
Connor McDavid Spec Check

PRO21: Similar to Nathan Mackinnon Pro Curve

Very similar to the original Pro Malkin curve, Mackinnon uses this pattern that is comparable to a P88 curve with a bit more bend and openness at the toe.  A great stickhandling curve given its short blade, it could also be compared to the Bauer P14 with a bit rounder toe. Lie 5

Used by: Nate Mackinnon, Brent Burns, Mat Barzal

PRO7117: Similar to Ilya Kovalchuk Pro Curve - New Version

One of the kings of NHL style in the 2000s, Kovy definitely knows how to craft himself a nice looking toe curve.  This pattern that he used later in his career is your quintessential "bigger P28".  Perfect for getting shots off quick and pulling off dirty toe drags.  Lie 5.

Used by: Ilya Kovalchuk
Ilya Kovalchuk Spec Check - Old Version

PRO81: Similar to Marian Hossa Pro Curve

Another player well-versed in the world of sweet toe curves, Hossa's custom pattern starts very flat through the feel before a huge hook at the toe.  The shape is comparable to a shortened P28 Max blade - perfect for saucer passes, stickhandling, and quick shots.  Lie 6.

Used by: Marian Hossa, Danton Heinen, gaining popularity at NCAA level
Marian Hossa Spec Check

PRO90: Similar to Ryan O'Reilly Pro Curve

Instantly recognizable, the ROR curve is one of the most unique in the game.  Its crazy toe kink has been the subject of media attention on many occasions, and for good reason.  Other than the kink, the blade is a fairly standard Drury/Roenick-style heel curve with a long blade.  Great for players who don't play off the toe of their stick much and want to add something extra to their game.  Lie 4.

Used by: Ryan O'Reilly

PRO2988: Similar to William Nylander Pro Curve

Willy Styles comes by his name honestly - he uses one of the coolest custom graphics in the league to go with an awesome custom pattern.  The curve is essentially a P28/P14 mash-up with the best of both worlds from each.  The bottom of the short blade is quite flat, and finishes with a P28-type toe hook on what otherwise looks similar to a Bauer P14. Lie 5.5

Used by: William Nylander, Alex Nylander, Connor Brown
William Nylander Spec Check

PRO68: Jaromir Jagr Pro Curve

Another iconic pattern, Jagr's distinct toe curve opens open from the heel before finishing with a big hook and super square toe.  The unique shape and huge curve makes this pattern quite a bit different than almost anything else available on the market.  Lie 6.

Used by: Jaromir Jagr, David Krejci, Michael Raffl
Jaromir Jagr Spec Check

PRO2299: Leon Draisaitl Pro Curve

This huge paddle used by Drais is clearly quite the weapon in the right hands, but may take some getting used to for the average player.  Similar in style to the PM9, this pattern is very flat and mild with a gigantic, long face.  Lie 6.

Used by: Leon Draisaitl

PRO46: Jared Spurgeon Pro Curve

Looking for something like a P92 with more toe, but the P90T Pro Benn isn't cutting it for you?  Look no further.  This pattern takes Jamie Benn's idea of adding a toe hook to the P92 and takes it to another level.  Super fun to use and easy to transition to from P92, P28, or P90T. Lie 6.

Used by: Jared Spurgeon

PRO10: Claude Giroux Pro Curve

Similar to Patrick Kane's pro curve, Giroux uses a clone of the old Easton/Bauer P10 Shanahan curve.  A long, fairly straight blade with a little toe at the end, this squared-off pattern is great for playmaking, backhands, and stickhandling.  Lie 6.

Used by: Claude Giroux


Thanks to our friends at Pro Stock Hockey Sticks for helping us offer these awesome new curve options!

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  • When do you think you will have more pro10/RH/85’s in stock?

    Dennis Haines
  • Am interested in ordering a right hand Draisaitl pattern. Your site shows Out of Stock. Is it possible to inform me when stock is available?

    Darrell Northcott

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