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Connor McDavid Stick Spec Check

Connor McDavid Stick Spec Check

What stick does Connor McDavid use?

Widely regarded as the best player in the NHL, Connor McDavid is the subject of this week's HSM Pro Stock Spec Check. The Oilers' captain put up 105 points in just 56 games during last year's COVID-shortened campaign, and has hockey fans across the league looking forward to what he can accomplish in a full season.

McDavid's custom curve is a variation on the popular P92 pattern, with a smaller, slightly squared blade face. He has been using the curve since he was a young, and for the most part has stuck with it throughout his pro career (with some brief experimentation here and there). The contoured “C” shaft on this stick is also typical for McDavid, who prefers the rounded feel.

McDavid is well-known for using the original SuperTacks graphic, and will likely end up using it again this season.  As one of the faces of CCM Hockey he is often seen using new releases in practices and ads - CCM also features McDavid’s name on their P28 curve despite it being quite different from his pro pattern.

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