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Our Buy Back Program

Over the past ten years we have developed a comprehensive buy-back program that enables Pro, College, and Junior teams to put as much money back into their budget as possible. We understand the rising cost of equipment and that the amount of gear players use in a season is increasingly rapidly.

We can offer a full-service buy back program or can help in whatever areas are needed from your club, including;

• Guaranteed purchase of all your unused hockey sticks (College/JR - we pay your full price, for maximum stick budget efficiency)

• Purchase of all new and used gear and apparel at fair market prices.

• Purchase of all used and broken hockey sticks.

• We come to you to pickup and pack the gear (available to do so several times throughout the year)

• Trust and reliability. Flexible payments options. We can pay in advance.

**We are the only buy back program that pays for new, used, and even broken sticks.

We provide a take all service “no cherry picking” for your club’s gear, but it is equally important to know that you can use us as a resource however you want (Ex. Game used gear from non-big-nameplayers only).

We have been in business for 10 seasons, most of which has been spent servicing JR/College/Minor Pro teams. Over the past few seasons our company has grown to be able to offer services at the NHL level and we now have ongoing working relationships with several teams. 

I am also proud to state that after selling your gear to us we get it back into the hockey community at a rates that are designed to save hockey families money.  If the gear isn't worth selling it is donated. Learn more about us below; 

We started our business in 2010 with two main areas of focus:



We started by buying and fixing broken sticks but over the past ten years it went from a part time gig to a family business. HockeyStickMan Inc today now works with over 175 teams at the Pro, Major Junior and NCAA levels all throughout the US and Canada. Over the years we have learned of the many budgetary, storage, and other constraints that teams routinely face. Despite similar challenges we often deal with various leagues and even teams in entirely different ways. We are unwavering in our commitment to the two main areas of focus and have learned that adherence to those two guiding principles and revenue seem to go hand in hand.


The highest Joey played was Junior Hockey. However, his real contributions to the game came after he “hung em up”. He started his career with a real passion for Amateur Hockey Development and worked his way up to running the U17 Hockey Program, sitting on the National Development Committee, and then working for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. After the games Joey returned home with a vision to start a business that could help save hockey families money on the sport that he loves. He is proud to have accomplished this by sourcing pro return, manufacture direct, and used and refurbished gear and selling direct to customers.

ABOUT NICK WALSH (Vice President)

Nick played Hockey at Dartmouth and went onto a short career in the ECHL before joining HockeyStickMan. He believed in what we were doing and turned down a contract offer to play in Vegas and France to join the family business. Nick has a talent for financial management and has brought a real focus of fiscal responsibility to the business. Minimizing our operational costs allows us to maximize what we pay for the products and/or the discount we give our customer.

The Pro Blackout

Your top of the line - 100% Carbon hockey stick. Built for performance and maintains the durability to withstand the demands of the pro game.

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Expansion lineup!

The Pro Blackout series has evolved to include gloves, skates, and goalie sticks! These high-quality items are manufactured without the branding, giving you access to the best quality gear, while not having to pay top-dollar for the name on them.

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