Snow Brush/Ice Scraper


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You wake up to find that it snowed over a foot last night and your car is buried in snow. An amateur might be worried in this situation, but you came prepared. You let out a chuckle seeing your neighbor cleaning his car off with your average looking plastic handle snow brush that your great great grandfather used. Then you pull out this beauty. Snow brush on one end. Ice scraper on the other. connected with a new top of the line Twig. Did cleaning your car off in the morning just become fun? Bring it on winter!

Note: you can request stick brand in the notes section and we will try out best to accommodate! 

I couldn't possibly operate under the name HockeyStickMan and not offer this beauty product. It's legit folks, makes for a unqiue and great gift. We couldn't keep them in stock around Christmas time. 

About "Cool Stuff": HSM is now established and getting thousands of visitors a day. So why not promote and show off other small business hockey ventures.  We want to help other like-minded innovators in the game, tell their story and introduce you to their products.  They are things that we have tested, worn, tried out and loved! 

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