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Blade 7

Blade 7

Blade 7 

Known As:
Bauer P02 (Kronwall)
CCM P20 (Lid)
Warrior W02 (Lidstrom)
True HCS
Sher-Wood PP05
Easton E5
Pro Blackout P5
Formerly Getzlaf/Samsonov/Pronger

Significant heel curve with a very open face and square toe.

Looking for Something Similar?:
With its square toe and heel curve, Blade 7 is very unique looking and instantly recognizable.  Blade 4 would be the most similar in overall shape and is another popular heel curve, but doesn’t feature the square toe.  Though the square toe is rarely as prominent on modern curves as it is on Blade 7, others that feature a slightly squared toe would be Blade 2, Blade 5 or Blade 9, though all are quite different than Blade 7 overall.  Coffey curves are hard to find nowadays, but they feature the square toe as well.

What it’s Good For:
Blade 7 is a defenceman’s dream.  A nice long blade with an open face makes it easy to pick off passes and chip pucks out of the zone.  Heel curves provide a large surface area on the “sweet spot” which is great for slapshots, especially one timers.  The square toe is great for getting in nice and tight to the boards on puck battles and when keeping the puck in the zone.

Blade 7 has become less popular in recent years, in large part because it is designed more for the old school style of hockey - nothing fancy, just slap shots and big hits.  Getting good zip on wrist shots can be difficult with this curve, as can stickhandling, especially when trying to drag the puck with using the toe of the blade.

Pro Players Using This Curve (or Similar):
Once one of the NHL’s most common curves, it has become a rare commodity, but can be seen being used by the likes of Leo Komorov, Jamie Oleksiak, and Josh Ho-Sang.

Our Take:
Your dad’s favourite curve.  The square toe and open face make Blade 7 perfect for defensemen looking to get tight to the boards and chip out pucks, while the heel curve presents a large surface area for smashing one timers.  This is one of the most sought after patterns from players who grew up with the curve, though it is in danger of extinction as younger players move towards more popular blades.
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  • What is the weight of the blade seven ? Yes I am a very old guy still loving the game.

    fred merchant

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