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Blade 14

Blade 14

Blade 14 

Known As:
Bauer P08 (Crazy Ovi)
Warrior W11 (Kremlin)
True TC3
Easton E38

Big mid-toe curve with super open, almost dish-like face.

Looking for Something Similar?:
Being such an extreme curve, there is not much in the way of retail equivalencies.  Blade 4 has an open face, but is much more of a heel curve and is intended more for chipping out pucks than picking corners.  Blade 6 would probably be the common retail curve most comparable, but the face is not nearly as wide open.

What it’s Good For:
In the hands of the right user, Blade 14 can be lethal for both stickhandling and shooting.  Though it takes some adjustments to grow accustomed to how best to shoot, experienced users will be able to pick top corners like never before with both power and precision.  The deep pocket and toe hook make tough stickhandling and toe drags possible as well.

The super open toe on Blade 14 will have players taking off their teammates’ heads if they are not careful as keeping pucks down is very difficult with a curve like this.  In contrast, the curve makes elevating the puck on backhand shots almost impossible. Generally speaking, this is quite a difficult curve to use, especially when first getting used to it.

Pro Players Using This Curve (or Similar):
Blade 14 is best known as the Alexander Ovechkin pro curve, and is modelled after what he uses on a nightly basis.  It gained some more notoriety at the 2020 World Juniors, where it was used by Nolan Foote and featured in the media.  Martin Frk, who recently set a new record for hardest slapshot, also uses this curve.

Our Take:
A difficult curve to use, but there is a reason that this is the preferred weapon of one of the most dangerous goal scorers of all time.  When properly used, it is perfect for ripping top corner and dangling through traffic, though to the average player the rafters are probably in more danger than the back of the net would be.

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