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What is a refurbished hockey stick?

HockeyStickMan refers to "refurbished sticks" as top end carbon composites pro stock hockey sticks that are otherwise in excellent condition (only fix about half of the sticks we bring in) and repaired using an internal shaft process to successfully fuse the two portions of the shaft back together, since 2010 we have completed over 7000 repairs and customers not only come back but typically refer family and teammates.

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Where do we get our Pro Stock Sticks?

We work with teams at the Professional, college, and junior level. We focus on providing sticks to hockey players at the lowest possible rate, not for collectibles, therefore we do not advertise the sticks by player name, color, etc.  If the sticks is not marked (refurbished) it is a brand new Pro Stock.

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How are we able to sell the sticks this cheap?

Our philosophy from the beginning was very simple, minimize costs and provide the best rates possible and the sticks will sell based on word of mouth.  We do not do any marketing or advertising, we keep the operation small and everything right down to this website design and layout has been done by us! Many people think its too good to be true, so we recently added an application that could collect customer reviews. 

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How long does it take to get the stick if I order online? 

It generally takes a few days to fulfill the order and then shipping generally takes a 2 days but can take up to 5 depending on where you live. Read our Policy

Can we order custom Pro Stock Sticks? 

No we are not in the business of ordering custom sticks.  All we do is sell what we can bring in. 

Is in USD or CAD? is operated in US currency.  However, the combination low prices and the fact that we can ship within Canada (customers aren't billed an additional brokerage/tax/duty charge) helps us maintain a large customer base. We also launched that has it's own inventory and is strictly in Canadian funds.

If you are are looking to shop in-store, we operate a showroom in Toronto and Belleville, Ontario that are in Canadian Dollars. If you have any questions, feel free to call us 905.624.2063 or email

I got my stick and it was a custom color or had someone else's name on it?

We occasionally get this question when someone gets their stick and it is not what they anticipated.  This is generally from people who are buying a pro model stick for the first time.  All our sticks come straight from professional teams.  So as a customer you know that you are getting the absolute best of the best when you come to us.  Pro sticks are highly sought after because they are an built better and with more quality control. Therefore most pro sticks come with either the players name on it or the pattern number. Also sometimes Bauer makes their sticks in custom team colors.  These are extremely difficult to get and very popular, but although many people would love for us to list our sticks based on players, colors or teams, it would require much more work, make it more difficult to find the right stick, and ultimately lead to higher prices.  Therefore we remain true to our original mission which is to make buying a good quality pro stick easy and as affordable as possible!     

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The curve on my stick is right but the blade is thicker/fatter?

A growing trend with pro players is the "Max Blade" where players choose to have the same curve depth, blade length, etc. but they choose to have a thicker blade.  The thicker blade gives players a little more blade for tips, deflections, face-offs, and more. It doesn't affect the look of the blade or the performance of your shot, stickhandling, passing, so each year more and more players are ordering their sticks this way.  Just like shaft color, blade and shaft finish, and stick height HockeyStickMan does not recognize this in the stick features (we simply identify it with the regular retail style pattern).  The rationale again is that we just try to keep the ordering process simple and clean.  It will not negatively affect the players performance.   

I got my Ribcor, but it came without ribs? 

The Ribcor line of sticks has been extremely popular in recent years.  Since Pro players can get full custom sticks many choose to customize their Ribcor without the Ribs, or Rib.  In fact in our experience there are just as many Ribcor / Trigger sticks that come in that don't have the ribs that do.  

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