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Blade 3

Blade 3

Blade 3

Known As:
Bauer PM9 (Larkin)
CCM P14 (Duchene)
Warrior W01 (Scheifele)
True MC2
Sher-Wood PP96 (Bouchard)
Easton E4 (Cammalleri)
Pro Blackout P9
Formerly Lupul/Malkin/Stamkos/Modano

Blade 3 is a very slight heel/mid curve with a round toe and slightly open face.  This is the straightest common retail curve available. 

Looking for Something Similar?:
Blade 3 is fairly unique in that it is much straighter than most common patterns.  Blade 4 is a popular switch for those who want to progress upon the slight heel curve on Blade 3, while Blade 10 is a nice shallow mid curve for those looking for a little bit deeper midsection.

What it’s Good For:
Blade 3 is preferred by playmakers.  The minimal curve makes it perfect for both making and receiving passes both on the forehand and the backhand with power and accuracy.  For lovers of the backhand shot, this is the perfect blade as well as there is plenty of surface area to shoot off of. Tipping pucks in front of the net is generally easier with a straighter blade as well.

Using a straighter blade makes it difficult to stickhandle, specifically when trying to drag the puck back with the toe of the stick.  Most players will also find they have a hard time generating power on wrist shots, especially if they tend to shoot more off the toe. Though Blade 3 does have a slightly open face, it can still be difficult to raise the puck with.

Pro Players Using This Curve (or Similar):
Though less popular at the retail level, many top players use Blade 3 or some variant of it.  The most notable example of this is Sidney Crosby, who despite having a CCM retail curve in his name, chooses to use a much straighter blade.

Our Take:
If the straight style of blade is good enough for the best player in the world, that’s probably a pretty good sign that it might do the trick for others as well.  Though Blade 3 is definitely not for everyone, it has its place as a great option for players who are more concerned with setting up their teammates than scoring themselves.

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  • I see in your stock you don’t carry to many Blade 3 in warrior, Bauer, and other name brands. But you do have a few in the pro blackout. Would be nice if there was more option in the name brand sticks. Other than that you guys are great.

    Manuel Amorim

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