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Pro Stock Sticks

Play with what the Pros use! All of our pro stock sticks come strait from professional, college, or junior level teams.

We are proud to have the best selection of Pro Stock Hockey Sticks available and make it easy to order a quality stick online! 

There are a limited number available and we only have what we can bring in!

Pro stocks are more durable, they are specifically built to withstand the demands of high level hockey, but do not come with a manufacturers warranty.  Visit HockeyStick University to learn about the difference between Pro Stock and Retail.

Pro Stocks / Our Ordering Process

Many players use the same patterns used in stores so we use the retail pattern 
identifiers to help people find the right stick.   

Example: A pro stock Bauer P92 will display on our site as; 
Left - P92 (Ovechkin) - 87 Flex (Blade 1) 

Note: Most of these sticks do not come with the retail Ovechkin curve stamp on it and stick color and finish (grip) may vary.  On rare occasions some sticks (usually Warrior) can come dressed as different sticks.  

We have a stick selector tool that helps people understand the different types of curves by brand/year - learn about our custom blade classifications

If you have a specific request you can outline that in the notes section of your order, for example: I prefer grip.

The Pro Blackout

Your top of the line - 100% Carbon hockey stick. Built for performance and maintains the durability to withstand the demands of the pro game.

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Expansion lineup!

The Pro Blackout series has evolved to include gloves, skates, and goalie sticks! These high-quality items are manufactured without the branding, giving you access to the best quality gear, while not having to pay top-dollar for the name on them.

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