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Blade 6

Blade 6

Blade 6 

Known As:
Bauer P28 (Eichel)
CCM P28 (McDavid)
Warrior W28 (Gallagher)
True TC4
STX X28 (Miller)
Sher-Wood PP28
Pro Blackout P28
Formerly Giroux/Yakupov

Big toe curve with a very open face and a relatively pointed beak on the toe.

Looking for Something Similar?:
Blade 15 is a good bet for a curve with a similar profile, but a slightly more twisted open toe.  Blade 11 is also comparable, but with a deeper mid section. For those looking for an even more exaggerated toe curve, Blade 14 would be the way to go for an even bigger hook and more open face.  As is usually the case, Blade 1 is also not too far off for those in the market for a safer option with less toe hook.

What it’s Good For:
Players who shoot off the toe will be able to generate great velocity on their wrist shots and snapshots.  Blade 6 is also ideal for stickhandling, as the big toe hook makes toe drags a breeze, particularly when playing in tight areas.  The open face makes it simple to raise the puck, especially when in tight to the goal.

Toe curves can be a tough transition for players coming from more traditional curves, as it requires players to adapt to shoot more off of the toe.  The very open face can make it difficult for players to keep the puck down when shooting, and there is not much square surface area for launching backhands off of either.

Pro Players Using This Curve (or Similar):
Blade 6 is especially popular among younger players, and will likely start to become more popular at the top level and those players graduate to the NHL.  Some current notables utilizing Blade 6 are Drew Doughty, Alex Barkov, Mark Giordano, and Alex Steen.

Our Take:
The leader of the toe curve revolution in the past couple of years, Blade 6 has emerged as the clear second most popular retail curve behind only Blade 1.  Marketed as great for danglers and players who shoot off the toe, it has become popular with players of all styles and for good reason.

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