Inline Skates

Alkali Inline Skates are the best option for competitive and recreational level Inline Hockey players.  The Revel 5 and Revel 6 are great for outdoor recreational roller blading, road hockey, and off season outdoor training. 

On Sale

Alkali RPD Lite R Inline Hockey Skates (Youth-Junior-Senior)

$ 69.99 $ 89.99

Alkali Revel 6 Inline Hockey Skates

$ 119.99

Alkali Revel 5 Inline Hockey Skates

$ 149.99

Alkali Revel 4 Inline Hockey Skates

$ 189.99

Alkali Revel 3 Inline Hockey Skates

$ 279.99

Alkali Revel 2 Inline Hockey Skates

$ 379.99

Alkali Revel 1 Senior Inline Hockey Skates

$ 599.99

Bauer RS Inline Hockey Skates

$ 169.99

On Sale

Flite Chaos C-150 Junior Inline Skate

$ 149.99 $ 189.99

Alkali Revel 1 Senior Inline Hockey Goalie Skates

$ 399.99

Inline Skate Wheels - 74A - Flite Chaos

$ 3.99

Alkali Revel Adjustable Inline Hockey Skates - Youth & Junior

$ 69.99

Sonic Inline Skate Bearings - ABEC 7

Sonic Inline Skate Bearings - ABEC 7

$ 34.99

TronX Inline Skate Bearings - ABEC 9

TronX Inline Skate Bearings - ABEC 9

$ 21.99

Sonic Inline Bearing Spacers

Sonic Inline Bearing Spacers

$ 11.99

 If you are looking for a new set of inline skates/roller blades look no further. HSM has been selling hundreds of these great quality inlines skates, and love the boot so much, we became the official Canadian distributor for Alkali. We promise that there is no inline skate available on sale for these prices, quality, and style. Get yours now and make your off-season that much better!

HSM is an authorized dealer in the US and exclusive dealer in Canada.  The official Skate of the NRHL!


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