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What is the Best Hockey Stick of All Time?


The ultimate question was posed to HockeyStickMan – What is the Best Hockey Stick of All Time?

We decided to form a list of the Top 10 Hockey Sticks Ever Made (in our opinion). Through a collection of reviews, sales records, and a bit of our staffs’ own personal bias (after all sticks are our specialty) here is what we came up with!

 10. CCM RibCor Reckoner

Image result for crosby using reckoner stick

There’s something to be said about a stick when one of (if not the best) player’s in the world is still using it in the NHL 4 years after it was released. Sidney Crosby stayed true to the CCM Reckoner, scoring close to 400 of his career points with it. The low-kick point release and balance of this stick was a true turning point for the CCM RibCor lineup. We then saw this technology be moved into the CCM Trigger 2 and CCM Trigger 3D, which I think we can agree are also great, but the credit goes to the groundbreaker in this one!  Shop RibCor's Here!

 9. Koho Revolution

Image result for koho revolution stick

Perhaps the O-G of “out-of-the-box” graphics on hockey sticks – the Koho Revolution featured a bright yellow shaft. A pretty good quality stick for it’s time, using several top methods of stick construction all in the same piece. Top players like Mario Lemieux helped boost the sales for this twig, but I think the biggest advocate for the Koho Revolution is our Marketing Manager – Spence.

8. Bauer Vapor XXX

Image result for vapor XXX stick

The Bauer Vapor XXX was a dynamite seller for the Bauer Vapor series – and also featured the Nike logo when they were partnered together (kinda cool). A mix of one of the lightest sticks, great durability, and a slick set of graphics made this stick a goal scorers dream. A precedent for the Vapor series was set as the Vapor XXX became one of the top selling hockey sticks in the 2000’s. Our take - look at the Vapor XXX in comparison to the newer Bauer Vapor 1X Lite as the Marleau to the Matthews of hockey – sure it might be quicker and flashier, but the veteran taught it everything it knows.  

7. Warrior Alpha QX

Hats off to Warrior on this one. The Warrior Alpha QX dominated as one of the most used sticks in the NHL. It’s lightning quick release and low-kick point delivers one of the best elite level sticks on the market. Don’t believe us – try one…

6. CCM Jetspeed

We saw the most pro hockey players using the CCM Jetspeed in it's inaugural season over any other stick. A complete revamp of the CCM RBZ line, the Jetspeed features the custom kick-point technology, with a more adaptive feel and balance. Not only did the pro players love this stick, but so did our customers! Big expectations now for the CCM Jetspeed series this season!

5. Easton Stealth S19

What can we say about this bad boy…

The elliptical taper design that launched sales for Easton, grossing one of the highest sales of a single hockey stick (and also setting a new price point for elite performance hockey sticks). The weight was unparalleled at the time in hockey and the kick-point was something players couldn’t get enough of. After Bauer bought out Easton the elliptical taper disappeared for a while but will be making its debut on the Bauer Vapor FLyLite. Let’s see how it compares!

4. Easton HPX-5100 Aluminum

Image result for gretzky easton aluminum

As made famous by The Great One the Easton HPX-5100 Aluminum will forever go down in history as a fan favorite. The amount of questions we get, asking if we can source one to this day is pretty remarkable, which earned it a top 5 position in our rankings. We assure you, if we are able to find any of these relics, we will make sure to let our Insiders know! In terms of quality, what can we say, it was aluminum, but the 2,857 points scored with it by Wayne Gretzky must count for something…

3. CCM SuperTacks 2.0

 The CCM SuperTacks 2.0 is the top selling stick in HockeyStickMan history, blowing the competition out of the water. From Pro through to Junior, the CCM SuperTacks 2.0 was the most popularly used pro stock hockey stick by far. It was the first in its series to introduce the Sigmatex blade technology, creating an even more responsive and durable stick. The newer CCM SuperTacks AS1 is nearly identical to the 2.0 – but as they say, don’t mess with a good thing…

 2. Easton Synergy SE16

Image result for easton se16

Numero Dos – The Easton Synergy SE16. When we brought in a bunch of Easton hockey sticks last year, the SE16 was the first to go. The demand for this stick was a mixture of nostalgia and the fact that a lot of players haven’t been able to find something that feels the same since.

 1. Bauer Nexus 2N Pro

Finally, number 1 - ranked as the best hockey stick in the world - all time. The Bauer Nexus 2N Pro has secured itself as the most purchased Bauer stick, and makes our jobs keeping it in stock a whole lot more challenging. The Bauer Nexus series has always been loved, but the 2N Pro took things to the next level for hockey stick technology. The weight distribution of the stick is as good as they come, with a lower-mid kick-point to get the most out of your shot every time. This combined with the new R-LITE blade is a goalie’s worst nightmare. The 18K Carbon stick wrapped with shiny metallic graphics just looks like #1 material. Hockey sticks have come a long way, and for now, the 2N Pro sits at the top as the best stick of all time.


Thanks for reading the HockeyStickMan – Best Hockey Sticks of All Time. We’d love to hear what you think of our list, or some of your own personal favorite twigs. Just leave a comment below!

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  • The Red Easton synergy

  • The Red Easton synergy

  • No mention of the OG SynBomb. No OG Synergy Stealth (395 grams at full length). No Synergy SL (420 @ full length, and the sexiest stick of all time). No Vapor XX or Vapor XXXX (the snake skin non tacky grip on this is incredible, I hate grip and love it). Any Mako is better than the SE16, I had the SE16 and it was a brutal stick, weird shaft shape and awful puck feel. Sold that stick so quickly. No Reebok 10K? Incredible twig/ puck feel. Sid won the Cup and a Gold within a few months with that beauty. No CCM sticks belong in this category except maybe a Vector for respect. If you’re giving the Gretzky aluminium respect, you need to give others. How about Mario’s (/ half the league’s) fibgerglass/wood Koho Revolution back in the day? The Stealth RS is also better than the SE16, and IMO better than the S19. I could easily go on. While we’re at it, no 2 piece sticks besides Gretz? No Easton Ultra Light, Easton Z Bubble, Easton Grip Lite, etc. etc.


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