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The Top 10 Hockey Sticks of 2018!

The 2018 calendar year saw the most success in hockey sticks released towards the end of 2017. Nonetheless, it is safe to say hockey stick technology is at an all-time high, and these sticks are phenomenal. Here is the list of the top 10 ranked sticks by HockeyStickMan customers for 2018!

#1 Bauer Vapor 1X Lite

Bauer Vapor 1X Lite '18

The balance/feel of this stick was raved about by customers all year. Having a late release in 2017 gave us a bit of foreshadowing to know this stick would be the top seller this year. With it's light weight, contoured shaft, players could feel the puck better on their blade and get their shots off quicker than ever before.

#2 CCM Super Tacks 2.0

CCM Super Tacks 2.0

Our most sold stick 2 years in a row now, the CCM Super Tacks 2.0 is a great all-round stick. The mid-kick is responsive for all shooting situations, the Sigmatex blade technology creates one of the most durable high-end composite sticks on the market, and the weight is quite light. 

#3 Bauer Nexus 1N'17

Bauer Nexus 1N '17

For Bauer lovers that don't want a low-kick release, the Bauer Nexus 1N'17 carried out as a top choice for HSM customers. Also proving to be quite durable, we had very few reviews of early breaks on this stick (which is always nice when spending money on a hockey stick). Great power, feel, and balance were recorded as the key points players liked about this stick.

#4 Bauer Supreme 1S - Goalie Stick

Goalie - Bauer Supreme 1S

We have never seen goalie sticks sell as hot as these. With NCAA teams getting custom colours for their goalie sticks, our customers were chomping at the bit to get a custom 1S to match their pad setup. Beyond looks, these sticks have a phenomenal feel and flex for playing the puck.

#5 True XC9

True XC9 ACF (NHL)

True is making a BIG mark on the hockey stick market. Their XC9 is the low-kick model, weighing 415 grams and receiving a lot of similar reviews to our top ranked Bauer Vapor 1X Lite. It makes sense, as True Temper has manufactured sticks for years for Bauer, but has finally launched their own lineup!

#6 STX Surgeon RX3

STX Surgeon RX3 (NHL)

Lacrosse meet Hockey. We think the engineers at STX Lacrosse got together with the hockey guys and said, "Hey, most of us play lax and hockey. Why not combine the two?" And that they did...The Surgeon RX3 has the under-side of the shaft formed in a ridged, "lacrosse style" shaft that cradles nicely in the players hands while stick-handling. Honestly, for anyone that plays lax in the summers, this feel quite natural and increases your feel of the puck.

#7 CCM Ribcor Trigger 2

CCM Ribcor Trigger 2 PMT

Another 2017 released stick that carried its hype in to 2018 and was loved by customers. We noticed the Trigger 2.0 to be the most purchased for a 2nd time by any customer that had previously purchased one. We think CCM will have hooked a lot of players on their Trigger series now that they've gotten a taste of what these twigs can do...

#8 Sherwood Rekker EK365

A brand that was once dominant in the wood game has released the lightest composite stick on the market. If it weren't for their low brand-equity in todays game, we believe this stick would have a ton of demand. Anyone that was looking to save some money on a high-end stick was in luck at HSM this year, as the EK365 was a great sale all season long!

#9 True A6.0

True A6.0 SBP (NHL)

Another True stick made the top 10 this year. Our customers in the Toronto region were flocking over this stick (likely because Mitch Marner uses it). Besides a great poster-boy, the True A6.0 was picked up by many top-end NHL players this year, and our customers often said once they got the feel for this True, they can't go back to anything else.

#10 Floorball Trix Stick

Floorball+ Accufli Xoro (Zorro/Trick Stick)

The craze for these things is unbelievable...Not sure what they are all about? Just search up Pavel Barber and see the hands on that guy. His Floorball background is what he credits to his coordination, and younger players are taking this into their training routine to improve their handling as well!

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