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The Top 10 Hockey Sticks of 2017!

IT HAS ARRIVED! The 2017 review of the Top 10 Hockey Sticks of the Year. With input from pro hockey players, equipment managers, customers, and sales reviews, we compiled the best rankings for the Top 10 Hockey Sticks of 2017!

#1 CCM Super Tacks 2.0

CCM Super Tacks 2.0

This stick was the most popular in Major Junior and Professional hockey teams, as well as in sales for our customers at HockeyStickMan. CCM must have taken our advice from last years' review of the CCM Super Tacks, and updated the blade in the 2.0 with their new Sigmatex blade technology. This made for a much more durable stick, and was extremely well balanced. Good job, CCM!

#2 Warrior Alpha QX

Warrior Alpha QX

The most used stick by NHL players this season, the Warrior Alpha QX is a completely redesigned Warrior hockey stick. It has a dagger tapper at the hosel of the shaft, making it extremely light-weight, balanced, and has a wicked release. Players love that you can barely feel the blade at the end of the stick, giving better feel for the puck itself.

#3 Bauer Supreme 1S '17

Bauer Supreme 1S '17

Following their success of the previous model, Bauer changed up the graphics, and not much else. This stick holds the best reviews for powerful shooters, and is still one of the most durable top end sticks available on the market.

#4 CCM Ribcor Trigger 2

CCM Ribcor Trigger 2 PMT

The rib technology from last years ASY worked! This is the first time we have seen a gimmicky design in a hockey stick truly be beneficial (and not hinder durability). Now 15 grams lighter, the CCM Trigger 2 offers one of the best low-kick sticks and quick releases you can find.

#5 Bauer Nexus 1N'17

Bauer Nexus 1N '17

A very responsive blade, a hybrid kick point (mid-low) and an excellent grip finish made this a fan favourite. The Nexus series has been a consistent choice by players over the last few years, and was once again in 2017.

#6 Bauer Vapor 1X '16

Bauer Vapor 1X '16

This was the "newest" model from the Bauer Vapor series for most of 2017, so expectedly had dominant sales (especially for the first half of the year). With the anticipation of the new 1X Lite being released later in the season, a lot of customers held off on their purchase to get the newer model. But don't get us wrong, the only reason there is so much hype for the 1X Lite is because of how amazing this bad boy is...

#7 Bauer Supreme 1S - Goalie

Goalie - Bauer Supreme 1S

The most demand we have ever seen for a goalie stick. Seriously, we couldn't keep them stocked. Even equipment managers at the pro level were having a difficult time getting these sticks made fast enough for their goalies because the demand was so intense. A revolutionary start to the composite goalie line, offering light-weight sticks with a balanced feel in the goalies hand. A textured grip for the notch/hosel was also something goalies loved.

#8 Bauer Vapor 1X Lite

Bauer Vapor 1X Lite '18

Being released late in November we haven't seen a ton of this stick in action yet, but the demand for them has started from the day Bauer announced they were going to be releasing a new Vapor series stick. The lightest, most balanced stick we have felt, offering an ergonomic "C" shaped shaft for a perfect fit inside of a players' hands. Also, the graphics are beautiful...

#9 CCM Premier II

Goalie - CCM Premier II

Another goalie stick makes it's way into the Top 10. CCM has the best goalies in the NHL using their products, which tells us, their products are the best. Despite having less demand than the Bauer Supreme 1S from a retail standpoint, a lot of pro goalies loved the Premier for it's density and ability to feel the puck.

#10 CCM RBZ Revolution

CCM RBZ Revolution

Continuing their partnership with TaylorMade, CCM created the CCM RBZ Revolution. Inserting a metal "face-plate" into the blade was the idea that the dense material (similar to the face of a golf club) would distribute more power in the connection of powerful shots. They were right - this puppy had power and a lot of the top defenders in the NHL used it. However, they maybe didn't consider the cold temperatures impacting this face-plate, as there was a bit of an issue with the plates falling out of the face of the stick. Kudos on the creativity, but might need some revision.

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