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Since the 1980's, Vaughn has the most popular brands for goalie equipment and sticks. The name is synonymous with goaltenders and that brand recognition and value carries over to all of our Vaughn products sold at HockeyStickMan. This includes goalie sticks, pants, neck guards, helmets, pads, gloves, blockers and full goalie sets.

In the market for some lightly used goalie equipment? Check out Vaughn used pro stock sets and other gear here.

Pro Stock Hockey Sticks

HockeyStickMan offers the greatest selection of pro stock hockey sticks at unbeatable prices. From the newest releases, to hard to find stick specs, we have it all! From brands like Bauer, CCM, Warrior, and True, we have the best senior and intermediate hockey sticks on sale at HSM! These sticks are brand new, unused hockey sticks that were intended for professional players to use. We source these sticks directly from Professional, NCAA, and Major Junior hockey teams across North America. The result; you get a top-end stick at a fraction of the cost.

At HSM, we are all about saving hockey players and families money. Our senior hockey sticks are always on sale, at heavily discounted prices, compared to your retail stick. We take pride in serving our customers, and making hockey more accessible to everyone. If you are looking for cheap hockey sticks, check out our Clearance Hockey Sticks or our Pro Blackout hockey stick models, which are top-end sticks - just without the graphics!

Here is a quick overview to help answer the question: What is a Pro Stock Hockey Stick?

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