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The Top 10 Hockey Sticks of 2014

We've talked to retailers, equipment managers, customers and manufacturers - here is our list of the 10 most popular hockey sticks of 2014.......

10. Warrior Covert DT1LT

The choice of many of the NCAA and OHL players that we work with....the Covert DT1LT was by far the most popular among Warrior in 2014.  Its a great feeling stick, lightweight with the elliptical profile for quick release shots!   


9. Nexus 1000 (Nexus 8000) 

At one point the Nexus 1000 was completely sold out and Bauer had to send people APXs and NXGs as replacements, not bad for the companies third most popular stick!  The Nexus 8000 took over and you'll see several pro's, college, and junior players using it as their stick of choice!

8.  RBK Ribcore (CCM 40K Ribcore) 

The Ribcore was probably the most popular stick that RBK ever made (at least in terms of Professional players), and since it graduated to a CCM 40K, people have been going nuts for could become one of the most popular sticks of 2015! 

7.  Easton V9 / V9E 

Easton did an excellent job with the Velocity series.  The sticks feel great, perform like we have come to expect from a top end Easton with improved durability! The difference is that one comes standard (V9 - white) and the elliptical (V9E - orange), these two sticks are all over the NHL.


6.  CCM Tacks  

The brand is back and not just in skates.  The Tacks stick was first introduced at the beginning of the 2014-15 season and has gotten unbelievable interest for a first year stick line! You'll notice the distinctive yellow and black twig in many of your favorite players hands.  Poised for a big 2015......


5. The COLT

A Canadian made top end composite hockey stick featuring aerospace technology designed to protect the stick from breakage and perform at a higher level for longer. The COLT has received a ton of attention over the past year, however due to high production costs it is only available for sale factory direct and online. Still, thousands of early adopters have jumped on board and its made its way into the hands of players in NHL games, pretty good for the companies first year!  I can honestly say it is now my personal stick of choice and been playing with it for going on six months now.


4. Easton Synergy HTX 

The Easton Synergy has returned!  They brought back a little of the silver color for old times sake but personally I would have liked to see it full on silver (like models past).   Nevertheless the stick looks, feels, and performs awesome! 

3. CCM RBZ Stage 2 (SuperFast) 

There are some that didn't like the white blade (hence the Superfast Red) but no denying the fact that the CCM - Taylor Made partnership created one heck of a stick and the RBZ Stage 2 was certainly among the most popular in 2014.  The graduated version (SuperFast) has gained a lot of popularity as well, I'm interested to see which of the three CCM sticks will emerge as the most popular in 2015.

2.  Bauer Supreme Total One NXG / MX3

Bauer is now the undisputed king of the stick market.  The lineup of NHL stars such as Ovi, Toews, Kane, Stamkos and many others has grown its popularity, but so too has the overall quality of the sticks that they produce.   The supreme line is a great example of not messing with a good thing, from the Total One - NXG - MX3, simply put they got it right!


1. Bauer APX 2 

The popularity of Bauer's Vapour line has grown to the point of surpassing the Supreme.  The APX 2 came out in 2013-14 and remains the most sought after hockey stick on the market. 



..... the list is based on my opinion from what I have seen in the industry over the past year.  Don't agree with me? What would you change?

Happy New Year!


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  • Bauer nexus is one of the best Bauer sticks because of the true mid kick point so you know we’re your stick will flex and the custom flex point cause it may not flex were you want it to flex

  • I am gonna say Easton sticks all the way ! just my preference anyways, i like the balance of them.

  • James, the NXG is definetely not one of the lightest on the market… Both the nexus and apx2/1x are lighter. Anyways this would be my list.
    1. Bauer Vapor apx2/1x
    2. Bauer NXG/MX3
    3. CCM Tacks/ Ultra Tacks
    4. CCM RBZ Superfast/ SpeedBurner
    5. Easton Synergy HTX
    6. CCM Ribcor 40k
    7. Warrior Covert QR1
    8. Easton V9/ V9E
    9. Easton Stealth CX
    10. Colt Hockey


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