Value Blacked Out Hockey Sticks - Now $59.99

Shop for your stick now (Click here)What you need to know:  Available in Senior, Intermediate, and Junior Made of a ...

How to measure goalie stick paddle height?

The measurement method used to determine goalie stick paddle height varies by brand. For example a 26" CCM is not the...

New CCM Blade Patterns and Curve Numbers

New CCM Blade Patterns and Curves. Finding the right CCM Hockey Stick.  Pro pattern curve numbers listed.

The Truth about Hockey Stick Flex

We've all grown up believing that if you cut your hockey stick it will become stiffer. This, however, depends on the ...

4 Advantages of the Open Toe Hockey Stick Pattern

Over the past few years you’ve no doubt taken notice of NHL players using what appears to be a massive hook! Most not...

The Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Hockey Sticks?

I get a variation of this question each and every day.  If you've never played with a top end stick you won’t know wh...

30 Terms You Should Know When Buying A Hockey Stick

A strong argument can be made that the hockey stick is the most important piece of equipment in hockey. Hockey stick...

Why Hockey Sticks Break on Slapshots?

I came across this video that shows a number of slapshots in slow-motion using a composite hockey stick. It illustrat...

The Difference Between Pro Stock and Retail Hockey Sticks

The Difference between a Pro Stock Hockey Stick and a Retail Model.

How Composite Hockey Sticks are made

To truly understand how a composite ice hockey stick performs you must first know how they are designed and manufactu...


"How do I know what flex to use?" We get this question all of the time, don't worry. Our answer is that the ...

How to Fix a Broken Composite Hockey Stick

SHOP REFURBISHED HOCKEY STICKS After having completed 30,000 successful repairs I'm pretty sure we are more qu...
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