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How to measure goalie stick paddle height?

How to measure goalie stick paddle height?

The measurement method used to determine goalie stick paddle height varies by brand. For example a 26" CCM is not the same as a 26" Bauer.  That is why many retailers (like us) have created a standard way to measure your sticks to ensure you're getting the right size.
How to Measure:
Place your stick on the floor with the curve facing downward. Measure along the back side of the paddle from the bottom of the blade to where the paddle meets the shaft. See illustration above.
Note: the measurement is right where the paddle meets the shaft, not where it flares out at the bottom or the top, keep the measuring tape straight from that point.  

The Goalie Stick Paddle Size Chart 

Coming soon to HockeyStick University - How to select the right goalie stick size. 

As always we welcome questions, comments, and feedback to this post. 

Thank you. 
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  • My paddle right now measures 26 inches
    . It’s an old Heaton Pro 90z, I am looking at Sheerwood gs350 they have 26, 27 and 28. I was thinking the 26 should be the same but the " add 2 inches " on your sizing chart is making me wonder if that is going to be too big

  • Would be nice to have a filter on sizing.

  • I’m 6’3" and have always found sticks too be too short. I look for the biggest paddle length..usually 27 if I can find it.
    If True is ACTUALLY the tallest stick I can get..then I’ll be switching to TRUE.

    Brad Bayer

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