How to measure goalie stick paddle height?

The measurement method used to determine goalie stick paddle height varies by brand. For example a 26" CCM is not the same as a 26" Bauer.  That is why many retailers (like us) have created a standard way to measure your sticks to ensure your getting the right size.
How to Measure:
Place your stick on the floor with the curve facing downward. Measure along the back side of the paddle from the bottom of the blade to where the paddle meets the shaft. See illustration above.
Note: the measurement is right where the paddle meets the shaft, not where it flares out at the bottom or the top, keep the measuring tape strait from that point.  

The Goalie Stick Paddle Size Chart 

Coming soon to HockeyStick University - How to select the right goalie stick size. 

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Joey Walsh
Joey Walsh


I have worked with Hockey Canada, the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, and Brock University. But now I'm all about hockey sticks. A passion and love for sticks as a child has blossomed into a full on obsession as an adult (if you can call me that).

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September 12, 2017

I recently bought a 27" ccm (wood) stick to replace one that I broke. It was a quick buy because I needed a stick that day, normally I play with 26" Sherwood. My question is this, can I adjust the top of the paddle height to get it closer to 26" without compromising the integrity of the shaft and overall stick?


April 04, 2016

Bauer doesn’t make a 26" Compsite Stick.

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