New CCM Blade Patterns and Curve Numbers

Finding the right stick for you and then not being able to get another one can be frustrating! If you're looking for one like you just had, but you can't find it in the right player (Ex. Nugent-Hopkins), pattern number (P19), or brand (Reebok is done), then here is a guide for you!

The following chart details the new, current CCM patterns along with their pro stock classification. It also lists the old pattern name that customers may remember once purchasing. Finally, the chart includes our blade classification for each pattern. If you would like to learn more about the HockeyStickMan blade chart, click here.



Retail - P29 (Crosby II)

P90 RBK P87A (Crosby), H11A

Left (Blade 1)

Right (Blade 1)


Retail - P40 (Mackinnon)  P40 RBK P40 (Hossa)(Perron), H40

Left (Blade 2)

Right (Blade 2)


Retail - P14 (Duchene)  P14 RBK P42 (Duchene), CCM C42 (Couturier), H14

Left (Blade 3)

Right (Blade 3)


Retail - P6 (Phaneuf)  P06

RBK P36A (Phaneuf), H19

*Extremely similar to P15 

Left (Blade 4)

Right (Blade 4)


Retail - P15 (Galchenyuk) P15


*Extremely similar to P6

Left (Blade 4)

Right (Blade 4)


Retail - P45 (Tavaras)  P45 H45

Left (Blade 5)

Right (Blade 5)


Retail - P38 (Forsberg) P38 RBK P38 (Datsyuk), H38

Left (Blade 5)

Right (Blade 5)


Retail - P46 (Bergeron)  P46  RBK P46 (Bergeron), CCM P46 (Landeskog), H46

Left (Blade 11)

Right (Blade 11) 


Retail - P19 (Nugent-Hopkins) P19 CCM P19 (Nugent-Hopkins), H11 *P29 is close!

Left (Blade 10)

Right (Blade 10)


Retail - P28 (McDavid)

P28 H28 (Open Toe - similar to Easton E28) 

Left (Blade 6)

Right (Blade 6) 


P88 (Ovechkin)

P80 New - Similar to the Bauer P88 Kane 

Left (Blade 2)

Right (Blade 2)


NA P17 H17 (Mid - similar to the Easton Iginla) 

Left (Blade 2)

Right (Blade 2)


NA P77 H77 (Open Toe - similar to Bauer P08, Crazy Ovi) 

Left (Blade 14)

Right (Blade 14)  


NA P20 H20 (Square Toed Heel - similar to Lidstrom)

Left (Blade 7) 

Right (Blade 7)


NA P49 H49 - Similar to Toews P14 in Bauer

Left (Blade 9)

Right (Blade 9)


I hope that helps to clarify things! Contact us if you have any specific questions. 


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  • I have a pro stock CCM Super Tacks Danault curve. Cannot find much info about this pattern. Do you know what available CCM curve comes close to matching?

  • Any idea the lie on the P90T benn pro curve?

  • Can you tell me what an H49 Curve is on the CCM Supertacks 2.0?

    Rob Taylor

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