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Blade 11

Blade 11

Blade 11 

Known As:
CCM P46 (Bergeron)
Formerly Landeskog

Deep pocket and big toe hook, but a fairly straight and thin heel.

Looking for Something Similar?:
Like most toe curves, Blade 6 is usually a safe bet for a comparable curve.  If it’s the deep pocket you’re after, Blade 13 builds on this with an even deeper pocket.  Blade 9 has a significantly different profile, but in terms of overall strengths and weaknesses it would be quite similar.

What it’s Good For:
Blade 11 starts with a fairly flat heel area, which is great for playmakers both in terms of catching and making passes.  The deep pocket allows for players to cup and protect the puck in traffic, and the big toe is handy both for toe drags and for maximizing control on shots.

Blade 11 can be an intimidating looking pattern for those not used to bigger curves - your dad would call it a banana curve.  The thin heel limits the surface area on the blade, which will have a negative impact on faceoffs, deflections, keeping the puck in the zone, and other plays of that nature.

Pro Players Using This Curve (or Similar):
Despite its scarcity at the retail level, Blade 11 is used by quite a few NHLers, including Daniel Winnik, Cody Glass and Ryan Strome.  Many users opt to use a max blade version of this curve, which can offset the common complaint that the heel on Blade 11 is too thin for some  users’ liking.

Our Take:
Blade 11 only lasted a few years as a mainstay on the retail curve market before being phased out in favour of Blade 15, but made a lot of fans in that time.  Though harder to find now, it made an impression with a number of top players, and can still be found on many pro stock sticks. Great for both passing and shooting, Blade 11 is a great option for those looking for something a little bit different in a toe curve.

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