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Blade 10

Blade 10

Blade 10

Known As:
CCM P19 (Nugent-Hopkins)

Shallow mid curve with a moderately open face and a rounded toe.

Looking for Something Similar?:
Blade 10 is essentially just a milder version of Blade 1, which is very similar but with a slightly deeper mid-section and moderately more open toe.  Many Blade 10 users will also enjoy Blade 2, which would have more of a closed face, but an overall similar shape. For those looking to take the shallow mid to the extreme, Blade 3 would be the way to go.

What it’s Good For:
Blade 10 is a very mild curve, which makes it a great option for versatile, “Jack of all trades” type players, as well as beginners or players looking to transition between curves.  It is deep enough that it provides a nice pocket for stickhandling and rifling shots, but not so deep that it makes backhands more difficult as a result.

Being a “Jack of all trades” results in Blade 10 being a master of none.  Though versatile, it does not offer a significant advantage to any one aspect of gameplay, which more experienced or demanding players might be looking for to gain an edge. 

Pro Players Using This Curve (or Similar):
Blade 10 has been mostly phased out by the more popular Blade 1, but it is still used by a number of pro players including Vladimir Tarasenko and Carl Hagelin among others.  It also remains arguably the most popular curve in the ECHL, and can be found being used on a high proportion of sticks in that league.

Our Take:
Blade 10 is great for players who play a well rounded game, new players, or people who are just looking for a bit of a change from the typical Blade 1.  Handy for just about every aspect of the game (though if you’re looking for a boost in something specific, it may not be for you) , Blade 10 would be an excellent and versatile option for just about any player on the planet.

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