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Blade 9

Blade 9

Blade 9

Known As:
Bauer P14 (Toews)
Warrior W14 (Chara)
Sher-Wood PP14

Small blade with a mid-toe curve and a fairly open face.  Blade 9 also features a fairly square toe.

Looking for Something Similar?:
Blade 15 would be the closest match, though it would be a slightly toned down version in terms of toe hook and how much it twists open.  Those looking for a more traditional toe curve might be better off with Blade 6.

What it’s Good For:
The short blade on Blade 9 makes it easy for players to get a feel for the puck and know exactly where it is on their stick when puckhandling.  The open face allows for players to raise the puck with ease even when close to the net or under pressure. Blade 9 is also excellent for shooting the puck when it is close to the body, especially when trying to pick top corner.

Blade 9 can be difficult to get used to as it is fairly unique in its shape.  It is a small blade both in terms of height and length, and the lack of surface area makes it challenging to get in passing lanes, win faceoffs, and tip pucks.  Players who aren’t accustomed to shooting off the toe may have a hard time generating power with this curve as well.

Pro Players Using This Curve (or Similar):
As Blade 9 is a relatively new curve on the retail market, there aren’t many pro players who grew up on it and its scarcity it the pro level reflects this.  One exception to this is Erik Brannstrom, who uses a max blade variant of Blade 9.

Our Take:
Though challenging to get accustomed to and use to its full potential, Blade 9 is a great curve for danglers and snipers, and is worth giving a shot for those looking to improve on that aspect of their game.  Definitely not for everyone, but those who fall in love with Blade 9 swear by it and will never want to try a different curve.
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