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Blade 15

Blade 15

Blade 15

Known As:
CCM P30 (Panarin)
Formerly Parise

Moderate mid curve with a toe kink and fairly closed faced toe

Looking for Something Similar?:
Blade 15 was created as a variant of Blade 2 with a toe kink, so many players will find the transition between the two to be fairly straightforward.  Blade 9 is also extremely similar, though the profile of the blade is different and it has a slightly more open toe.

What it’s Good For:
The toe on Blade 15 was specifically designed to be shaved down on the bottom of the toe to allow for maximum surface area of the blade to be on the ice.  This creates a dual lie, which is especially useful when pulling back the puck to shoot. Blade 15 essentially has all the benefits of Blade 2, but with the added bonus of a toe kink that can be handy when raising shots up in tight or picking up loose pucks on the fly.

Using a stick with a toe kink like on Blade 15 can be difficult to get used to, even though the rest of the blade is very traditional like on Blade 2.  The deep midsection can make backhands difficult, and the relatively closed face can make lifting the puck a challenge.

Pro Players Using This Curve (or Similar):
The Blade 15 was first released as a retail curve in 2017, so has not yet had much time to get into the hands of players at the top level.  The toe kink has been a trend in the NHL though, with inspiration for Blade 15 coming from the original namesake of this curve (Zach Parise), who often uses a close variation of it.

Our Take:
A newcomer on the market, Blade 15 has some real potential to catch on in coming years.  It capitalizes on some modern trends such as the toe kink and dual lie, while staying traditional with its Blade 2 style heel and mid section.  Given this, it should appeal to a wide variety of players (although the toe kink is sure to scare some off).

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