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Blade 5

Blade 5

Blade 5 

Known As:
Bauer P12 (Kessel)
CCM P38 (Forsberg)
CCM P45 (Tavares)
Warrior W16 (Karlsson)
Easton E9
Formerly Datsyuk/Heatley/Pavelski

Blade 5 is a mid-heel curve with a fairly closed face.  It has a large blade and a unique wedge shaped profile, moving from a thinner heel to a thicker square toe.

Looking for Something Similar?:
Blade 2 would probably be the most similar in overall shape and depth, though the toe is not quite as square and the face is slightly more closed.  Blade 3 is roughly the same in terms of where it is deepest, but is much shallower all the way through. If it’s the square toe that matters most, Blade 7 features that but is a much deeper heel curve.

What it’s Good For:
This curve is great for two way forwards and defensemen.  The fairly flat heel area is perfect for dishing and receiving passes both on the forehand and backhand.  The large surface area of the blade makes it easy to jump into passing lanes and pick off pucks, as well as deflect them when posted in front of the net.  The squared toe also makes this curve effective for digging into corners and getting tight to the boards.

The Blade 5 pattern can be tricky to get used to when shooting, and even once mastered is still not optimal for generating a lot of power on wrist shots.  Though the fairly deep midsection helps with hanging onto the puck in traffic, on the whole this is not much of a stickhandler’s curve, especially given the square toe.

Pro Players Using This Curve (or Similar):
Though not too commonly used these days, there are some notable pro curves that are similar to Blade 5.  The Patrick Kane/ Claude Giroux pro curves are not identical, but are comparable, especially when it comes to the wedge shaped profile.  We also come across a max blade variant of Blade 5 from time to time, which seems to be the way most pro players choose to utilize this curve.

Our Take:
Rarely seen at the retail level nowadays, Blade 5 is perfect for players whose playstyle is similar to some of its namesames (ie John Tavares and Pavel Datsyuk) - two way players with outstanding playmaking and quality defense.  Fairly unique in profile, it is a good option for those who know the strengths of their game and want to emphasize them.

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