Bauer Vapor 1X Lite '18


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Newest model top of the line Vapor model by Bauer. 

PRO STOCKS - Play with what the Pros use! All of our pro stock sticks come brand new straight from professional, college, or junior level teams. 

    Please note:

    • Pro stock hockey sticks are typically more reinforced to perform at elite levels, but they do not come with a manufacture's warranty.
    • Product may come in custom colors/logo and player name. May come in retail
    • Blade pattern - Retail curve equivalent in brackets for customer identification purpose, most come with the pattern number (Ex. P92), but not the player name (Ex. Matthews) 
    • Sticks are grip unless otherwise specified 

    Stick height

    • Unmarked is Regular Height = 61" shaft (Approx. 66" total)
    • 64" Is Pro Stock Extended = 64" shaft (Approx. 69" total)
    • 66" - Pro Stock Double Extended = 66" (71" or more)
    • Note: cutting extended length pro stock sticks do not increase flex!

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