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Michael Misa Stick Spec Check

Michael Misa Stick Spec Check

What stick does Michael Misa use?


The 2023 NHL Draft is now in the books, and it's never too early to start looking towards the future. Nope, not the 2024 Draft; today's Spec Check is on Michael Misa - the projected top pick in the 2025 NHL Entry Draft. Misa was granted exceptional status to play a year early in the CHL last year, and had a stellar rookie campaign with 56 points in 45 OHL regular season games.

When we first started seeing Misa pro stocks, they were standard 75 flex, P28 curve, but a year in the O has given him a chance to dial in his specs a bit. Misa kept the curve of his P28 pattern, but adapted it to have a P29 face shape and dropped to 70 flex. This is a curve that's been on our radar since we first started seeing it used in the KHL a few years ago, and it skyrocketed in popularity in North America last season. For the past few months, it has been one of the custom curves we've seen most recently, including from players like Kent Johnson.

Originally credited to Fyodor Polishchuk, we haven't decided what exactly we want to call this curve yet - though "Pro Misa" has a nice ring to it, especially if he makes good on his superstar potential. Misa has used Jetspeeds recently, and looks set to use this FT6 Pro with tactile grip next season. With Saginaw hosting the Memorial Cup this year, expect Misa hype to rise to near-Bedard levels in the near future!

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