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Connor McMichael Stick Spec Check

Connor McMichael Stick Spec Check

What stick does Connor McMichael use?


At just 22 years of age, Connor McMichael can add a Calder Cup to his trophy cabinet that already contains the 2020 World Junior Gold Medal with Canada. McMichael played a massive role in Hershey's postseason success, leading the way for the Bears with 6 playoff goals. Washington fans will be hoping the 2019 1st rounder will be able to use this as a jumping off point for a successful NHL campaign next year.

Like we so often see, McMichael's specs are nothing crazy. In fact, they're about as run-of-the-mill as we see - stock height, 85 flex with a P29 curve and standard grip. From what we can tell, Connor has never been one to fuss too much about his gear - he made his NHL debut in 2021 with a Trigger 2 (originally released in 2017), and continued to use it for another two years before ultimately upgrading.

We've seen lots of great players make a name for themselves at the AHL level before breaking out in the NHL, and with a title run under his belt, Connor McMichael looks poised for success in the future.

Congrats again to Connor and @thehersheybears on the Calder Cup win!

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