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Matt Dumba Stick Spec Check

Matt Dumba Stick Spec Check

What stick does Matt Dumba use?

Wild defenceman Matt Dumba has been a stalwart on the Minnesota blue line since first breaking into the league full-time in 2014. Now an alternate captain in Minny, his leadership qualities are felt both on the ice, as well as off of it, where Dumba serves as a board member of @theofficialhda .

As a right-handed shooter, a veteran like Dumba is highly sought after in the NHL. Like most NHL D-Men, Dumba prefers to use a stiff shaft on his twig - in this case 100 flex. The shaft also features a beautiful basketball-style tactile grip. Dumba's pattern appears to be inspired by a P28, but has been straightened out slightly, giving it a milder curve with a fairly flat mid section.

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