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Cale Makar Stick Spec Check

Cale Makar Stick Spec Check

What Stick Does Cale Makar Use?

Fresh off a Cup win with the Avalanche, Norris and Conn Smythe winner Cale Makar is riding high this offseason. The UMass product is poised to be one of the league's best players for years to come, and Colorado fans will be hoping he can take them to the promised land many more times during his career.

Makar has stuck with his preferred P88-style mid curve since he was young, and in most cases uses a fairly stiff 95-105 flex stick with an extended length shaft and standard grip finish. Pretty run-of-the-mill specs for a player who is anything but.

Makar is a prominent Bauer user, having mostly used a Nexus 1N build throughout his NHL career and featuring heavily in Bauer's recent marketing. Despite this, he is one of the many NHLers that True has produced samples for in recent seasons - head to the link in bio to learn more!

Lots of new True pro stocks are hitting the site soon - stay tuned

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