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Jamie Benn Pro Stock Style Curve

Jamie Benn Pro Stock Style Curve

MAJOR TREND EMERGING! A curve known by pro's as the Jamie Benn or P90T is taking over. 

We now work with over 85 pro teams, and if you follow pro stock sticks at all you will notice that 90 percent of players use either the old Sakic style curve (what we classify as Blade Type 1), or the Open Toe (what we call the Blade Type 6).  In 2016 we started to see something that appeared to be in between the two.  

We found out that Jamie Benn of the NHL's Dallas Stars always used the Blade 1, but liked the Blade 6, however he couldn't quite commit to making the change.  So being a big leaguer Benn asked the manufacturer to find a mid ground between the two and this curve was created.  

All the sudden in 2017 we are starting to see 2-4 guys on every team now using this pattern, and it makes a lot of sense.  Judging by its popularity among pros I expect that you will see this become a retail pattern shortly.  

As a side note Jamie Benn is a good ol' boy from Vancouver Island.  I was fortunate enough to have met him at a few parties years ago during my time on the coast.  What a beauty!  
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  • What’s wrong with the rocket Richard stick

    Mike Triantos
  • I use the p90/p29 only and what’s the main difference between that and the p90T? What would you suggest to buy?

    Brad Francis
  • Appreciated the insights to the Benn pro curve! Have been using the p92 and can’t get into the p28. Is it virtually the p92 with a toe kink or is there some more heel too? Any idea of right handed players currently in this curve? Appreciate your time


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