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Most popular pattern in the game of hockey.

For puck control, quick release, and firing shots.

Easton: (E3) Hall
Formally: Sakic, P3

Bauer: (P92): Mathews
Formally: Ovechkin, Backstrom, Naslund

CCM: (P29) Crosby
Formally: Ovechkin
Pro: P90, H11A

Warrior: (W03) Backstrom
Formally: Henrique, Kopitar, Draper, Toews

Sher-Wood: (PP26) Stastney

True: TC2

  • Curve: Mid
  • Lie: 5.5 - 6
  • Depth: 12mm 1/2"
  • Face: Open
  • Toe: Round
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Prototypical Mid-Blade Pattern.

The Second Most Popular Pattern In Hockey.

For Stick Handling, Wrist Shots, And Quick Release.

Easton: (E36) Mid Blade
Formally: (E7) Iginla

Bauer: (P88) Kane
Formally: Lindros

CCM: (P40) Mackinnon
Formally: Hossa, Perron, Thornton
Pro: P40, H40, P80 = Bauer's P88 And P17 = Easton's Iginla

Warrior: (W88) Zetterberg

Sher-Wood: (PP88) LS


  • Curve: Mid
  • Lie: 5.5 - 6
  • Depth: 12mm 1/2"
  • Face: Open
  • Toe: Round
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The most modest amount of curve.

Allows for more blade on the ice.

For handling the puck, and shooting forehand and back.

Easton: (E4) Cammalleri
Formally: (P4), Zetterberg

Bauer: (PM9) Larkin
Formally: Stamkos, Malkin, Modano

CCM: (P42) Duchene
Formally: Couturier, Hedman

Warrior: (W01) Lupal
Formally: Burrows, Savard, Federov

Sher-Wood: (PP96) Bouchard

  • Curve: Mid-Heel
  • Lie: 4.5 - 5
  • Depth: 9mm 3/8"
  • Face: Closed
  • Toe: Round
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Most popular heel curve.

Has a rounded toe and open face.

For shooting off the heel, heavy shots, going top shelf, and for deflections.

Easton: (E6) Parise
Formally: Drury

Bauer: (P91A) Staal

CCM: (P15) Jones
Formally: (P15) Galchenyuk, (P36) Phaneuf
Pro: P15, H15, H19

Warrior: (W05) GranlundFormally: Kovalev

Sher-Wood: (PP20) DR

  • Curve: Heel
  • Lie: 5 - 6
  • Depth: 1/2"
  • Face: Open Wedge
  • Toe: Round
  • Description
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Harder to find pattern.

Similar to blade 1 with a square toe.

For quick release, shooting accuracy, and for digging in corners.

Easton: (E9) Heatley

Pro Bauer: (P12) Mid Curve

CCM: (P45) Tavaras
and P(38) Datsyuk

Warrior: (W12) Pavelski
Formally: Wisniewski

Sher-Wood: (PP12) IG

  • Curve: Mid
  • Lie: 5 - 6
  • Depth: 12mm 1/2"
  • Face: Open
  • Toe: Square
  • Description
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Fastest growing pattern in hockey.

Sometimes considered the elite players curve.

For keeping the puck on the toe, quick release, and extreme precision and accuracy.

Easton: (P28) Open Toe
Formally: Kreps

Bauer: (P28): Eichel
Formally: Giroux 

CCM: (P28) McDavid

Warrior: (W28) Gallagher
Formally: Yakupov

True: TC4

  • Curve: Toe
  • Lie: 5 - 6
  • Depth: 12mm 1/2"
  • Face: Open
  • Toe: Round
  • Description
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  • Specs

A old favorite and very hard to find (Lidstrom).

Built for shooting off the heel, for slapshots, and pinpoint passes.

Easton: (E5) Getzlaf
Formally: Lidstrom

Bauer: (P02)
Formally: Giroux, Kesler, Kronwall, Pronger, Samsonov

Warrior: (W02) Lidstrom
Formally: Jovanovski

Sher-Wood: (PP05) LI

  • Curve: Heel
  • Lie: 5.5 - 6
  • Depth: 12mm 1/2"
  • Face: Open
  • Toe: Square
  • Description
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Note: Chart above designed to categorize by blade type, not all of the blade types are exactly the same! 


Left | Left handed shot, glove in left hand

Full Right | Right handed shot, glove in right hand



Model / Flex
Typical Stick Height
Suggested Player Height
Suggested Player Weight

For the younger player that is serious about developing his/her shot and how to use flex technology in hockey sticks.

40" - 50"
(102 - 127 cm)

Under 5'3"
(160 cm)

Under 120 lbs
(54 kg)

HockeyStickMan is one of the few places where you can purchase pro stock intermediate sticks! These are designed to allow the player to have the same blade design and feel but at a flex profile that suits their game. Typically used by Pee-Wee and Bantam-aged players and great for Female Hockey.

57" - 60"
(145 - 152 cm)

5'3" - 5'8"
(160 - 173 cm)

120 - 150 lbs
(54 - 68 kg)

For the players seeking maximum load and release potential. Typically used in Bantam - Midget (140lbs - 170lbs) in No Slap Shot Men's Leagues and in Female Hockey.

60" - 63"
(152 - 160 cm)

5'8" and up
(173 cm+)

140 - 170 lbs
(64 - 77 kg)

The most popular flex rating on the market for Junior and Men's Hockey (170 - 200 lbs), including elite level players. Allows for plenty of load and release potential, quick release and control.

60" - 63"
(152 - 160 cm)

5'8" and up
(173 cm+)

170 - 200 lbs
(77 - 91 kg)

Designed for players that take all different kinds of shots. The resistance enables harder shots for bigger and stronger players (200 lbs+). A popular choice among taller players as adding an extension decreases the overall flex rating.

60" - 63"
(152 - 160 cm)

5'8" and up
(173 cm+)

185 lbs and up
(84 kg+)

Designed for tall and heavy players that take all different kinds of shots. These are usually custom sticks and are not available for sale at most stores. Of course we got them!

63" - 66"
(160 - 168 cm)

6' and up
(183 cm+)

200 lbs and up
(91 kg+)



The newest and most popular makes and models, and in Pro Stock!

Top of the line Pro Stock sticks. Strait from the teams!

Top end Pro Stocks that we got a good deal on! Latest models of refurbished sticks.

Clearance priced items. Help us rotate inventory and get a ridiculous deal (while quantities last)

  • Blade 1 is by far the most popular pattern on the market
  • Blade 2 is the safe bet (simple - not to big or not to small)  
  • Blade 3 is The lease amount of curve and low lie 
  • Blade 4 is a the most popular heel curve
  • The Open-Toe (Blade 6) is gaining major popularity throughout the hockey world
ENDANGERED (if we have one buy it fast)! 
  • Lidstrom / Getzlaf (Blade 7)
  • Iginla (Blade 2)
  • Tavaras/Heatley (Blade 5)
  • Coffee lovers - the closest you'll find now a days is the W71 Pacioretty (Worth a try)!  
  • Strait - sorry old timer, maybe try a local museum? 

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