Why Howies Hockey Stick tape?

Hockey tape is hockey tape, isn't it? Shouldn't you just buy it in bulk at the best possible price? There was a time when I thought that, there was a time when I used to do that, and of course there have been times when my stick has suffered from SPTE (Sub-Par Tape Experiences).  

But like the little boy in the playground that keeps falling over or the baby duckling who swims around in circles you grow up and you learn better......

Now that my overly dramatic introduction is over lets get to telling you about Howies Hockey Tape.  

Their Story

In 2007, Max 'Howie' Sieplinga got tired of subpar tape that fell off his stick halfway through the period. There had to be a way to both make better tape and get it to his teammates, buddies, and general acquaintances. So Howies Hockey Tape was formed on the values of quality and customer service, both in equal proportion. Starting out of his garage, then into a little warehouse space in downtown Grand Rapids, MI, where they had to hand load pallets onto semi-trucks forced to precariously back into the parking lot. Howies certainly had some humble beginnings.

Our Take 

Every Pro, College, or Junior hockey room that we go into we see piles of Howies tape. In Feb of 2015 I started to ask the equipment managers, what is so good about this stuff, and why does everyone use Howies? Their response, all the same.  Tape seems to stay on better, players like it, they are good guys to deal with.  Since then customers starting to ask for it, we brought it in and sold it in our shop and in the showroom and finally in June 2017 we have gotten it up on our site.  Hockey tape isn't just hockey tape.  

Here is our full selection of Howies

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