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Patrick Sharp Stick Spec Check

Patrick Sharp Stick Spec Check

What stick does Patrick Sharp use?


Blackhawks legend Patrick Sharp lifted 3 Stanley Cups during his time in Chicago. The Winnipeg native has been putting his pretty face to good use as part of the NBC Sports broadcast team the past few seasons, and recently made the jump to the Philadelphia Flyers' front office as a member of Danny Briere's new look staff.

Sharp's specs are timeless and would fit in the NHL today just as well as they did a decade ago. P92, 95 Flex is about as run of the mill as we see from pros, and with good reason because they seem to do the trick. Speaking of elite players, those are the exact specs of the Hockey Stick Man himself... nothing but the best!

Similarly, Sharp's G3 build remains something we seem fairly frequently at the NHL level, though its users skew older, and it will eventually likely not be long before we die out completely. Veterans know that this pro-only build is legendary though, and continue to use it in the show, though with newer paintjobs than this Supreme TotalOne.

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