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Hockey Season Shut Down? Get a Head Start on Summer!

With COVID-19 shutting down hockey leagues around the world, many are left wondering how spend their free time.  With the weather starting to turn and summer just around the corner, one option is to get a head start on the season and enjoy your time in isolation as best as possible.  What better way to kick off summer than to fire up the grill and pop the top off of an ice cold beverage?

Worried that abandoning hockey season and jumping into summer so quickly will upset the hockey gods and curse you and your family with bad puck luck for generations to come?  Not to worry – HockeyStickMan has just the solution.  In our travels we come across thousands of broken hockey sticks and thankfully we know some talented people who are able to repurpose them into the perfect summer tools.  BBQ Scrapers, BBQ Tool Sets, and Bottle Openers all handcrafted out of broken pro stock twigs mean that hockey season never has to end, whether you can get on the ice or not.


BBQ Scrapers - $19.99 USD / $24.99 CAD

BBQ Scrapers from our friends at Harmsen’s Hockey are the Zambonis of the grilling world.  They are often underappreciated and overlooked, but just like you’d want to skate on fresh ice, you should want to grill on a nice clean surface.  And as we all saw recently – Zamboni drivers are capable of providing some spectacular highlights and inspiration for all of us beer league grinders every now and then. 

The “shafts” of the BBQ Scrapers are made from your favourite composite hockey sticks, while the “blades” are 100% hardwood.  This will give Grandpa a chance to get into one of his “back in my day, all sticks were made of wood ” stories, and has a practical function as well.  Metal bristles on BBQ scrapers have been proven to be unsafe as they can break off and get into your food, which can cause some nasty side effects.  Wooden scrapers are just as effective but don’t have this problem, and after a few uses they will mold to the shape of your grill for unparalleled grill scraping performance!


Bottle Openers $9.99 USD/CAD

Keep those wrists nice and strong for when hockey comes back by getting lots of practice popping the top off some barley pops.  It may not be quite as satisfying as popping the tendy’s bottle off the back of the net, but is probably the next best thing.  Just like the BBQ Scrapers, these Harmsen’s Hockey Bottle Openers are made from game used pro stock sticks and are an awesome and unique way to crack open a beer (or a root beer for those of you who are not legal drinking age)!  Once hockey comes back, throw the opener in your bag and have a handy and topical tool for opening your post-game drinks; or maybe some pre game drinks, who are we to judge?


BBQ Set - $39.99 USD/CAD

Hopefully your grilling abilities are good enough that your burgers don’t turn into hockey pucks, but you can get in some offseason handling work with the Hat Trick BBQ Set nonetheless.  This three piece set is the perfect addition to your BBQ lineup and comes with a spatula, tongs, and a grilling fork all with composite hockey stick handles.  Sauce a patty onto a bun or carefully toe-drag your steaks around the veggies – anything is possible with a Hat Trick BBQ Set!

Long story short – just because hockey season has been cut short, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still incorporate the game you love into your summer plans.  All these products and more are now available on our site!

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