Hat Trick BBQ Set


***Cool Stuff Discount - BBQ set available here for $10 less!   

Do your BBQ tools scream 4th line duster? Not anymore. Step up your game with these hockey stick BBQ tools and start saucing burgers instead of pucks. The obvious BBQ set for any hockey player. Contains a spatula, tongs and brush all made from stainless steel. What's a BBQ without a beer? Add a bottle opener for $5!

  • Option to select by brand (specific requests can be made in the notes section, but no guarantees) 
  • Option of adding a bottle opener
  • They are all game used Professional Hockey Player sticks. Again no guarantee on what player.  

    Pete and Joey of HockeyStickMan love to show off their mad grilling skills, and do so with a Hat Trick BBQ set in hand.  After a full summer of using (and loving them) the decision was made to partner with this company and offer to our loyal customers.  They make for the perfect gift!

    About "Cool Stuff": HSM is now established and getting thousands of visitors a day.  So why not promote and show off other small business hockey ventures.  We want to help other like-minded innovators in the game, tell their story and introduce you to their products.  They are things that we have tested, worn, tried out and loved! 

    Cool Stuff Discounts - When I introduce a new product to my customers base I want them to get it at the best possible price.  I negotiate with the companies to allow me to sell for less in exchange for the promo.  

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