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What Hockey Fans Can do At Home While Isolated? - Top 10 Hockey Movies

What Hockey Fans Can do At Home While Isolated? - Top 10 Hockey Movies

Disappointed that hockey is suspended? Sure, we all are, but why not look at it this way.....it's not too often that the best thing the vast majority of us can do for humanity is to simply stay home and watch some flicks. 

Keep your head in the game and stay motivated with my Top 10 Hockey Movies of All Time (in no particular order, because that would be too difficult). 

Note: Some links are the full movie! 

1. Wayne Gretzky - Above and Beyond (1990) 

Ever had a shadow of a doubt that perhaps Wayne Gretzky wasn't the best hockey player of all time?  Watch this and you'll be convinced "The Great One" is the best athlete (maybe person) ever.  


2. Mighty Ducks (1992) 

A movie so good they named a NHL Team After It.....


3. Miracle 

The ECAC plays their league championship in Lake Placid and the atmosphere in that town is still unbelievable 40 years later. If you are a US hockey fan this is a must watch, if you are a hockey fan in general - this is a must watch....


4. The Magnificent One - The Inspiring Story of Mario Lemieux (1994)

The guy gets off a cancer treatment table, flies directly to Philly and comes back to win the scoring title and lead his team on an NHL record 17 game winning streak. Folks, this one is the best individual season in hockey history (arguably all of sports). 


5. Slapshot (1977)  

 Ever heard of it?


6. Mr. Hockey - The Gordie Howe Story (2013)

The guy was a truck......I enjoyed learning about how one of the best of all time came to be and worked his way into superstar-do, all while being an inspiring father, and an all around beauty.  While also shocked and frustrated with how he, and other greats of that era were treated.  



7. Mystery Alaska 

Screw it, I believe in fairy tales and Russell Crowe did this movie right before Gladiator....


9. The Rocket (2005) 

The story of a bad ass french dude that couldn't stop scoring goals and winning cups, and he got to do it with his brother (RIP 2020).  


10. Don Cherry Rock'Em Sock'Em Hockey 

Every year Santa would bring us the latest Rock'em Sock'em VHS and Christmas morning would be spent with Grapes..... 


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