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A collection of great hockey sticks for $100 or less... 


At HockeyStickMan, we pride ourselves in providing top-of-the-line sticks and gear to our customers at an affordable price. This collection of sticks encompasses the overall mission of HockeyStickMan. It includes pro stock sticks that are older models and harder to find, as well as various inexpensive models that are perfect for coaches, casual players, beginners and of course, pond hockey. Sticks from Warrior, STX, Easton, Verbero, CCM and more. Also featured in this collection, HockeyStickMan's top selling stick, the Pro Blackout.

Clearance Hockey Sticks

At HSM, we are all about saving hockey players and families money. Our clearance hockey sticks are always on sale, at heavily discounted prices, compared to your retail stick. We take pride in serving our customers, and making hockey more accesible to everyone. If you are looking for cheap hockey sticks, check out our Closeout Hockey Sticks or our Pro Blackout hockey stick models, which are top-end sticks - just without the graphics!

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