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Sonny Milano Stick Spec Check

Sonny Milano Stick Spec Check

What stick does Sonny Milano use?

Former 1st Round Pick Sonny Milano is having a breakout year this season in Anaheim, punctuated by perhaps the goal of the year earlier this week against Buffalo.

We have been getting Milano's sticks in for years, and while the models change the specs don't. Milano uses a whippy 70-77 flex stick (like the 75 flex on this Trigger 3D), and always has a gloss non-finish on his shaft to allow for quick hand adjustments to his hand placement. Milano also typically prefers older builds with the new graphic - we have had Nexus 8000 sticks in from him with 1N and 2N Pro graphics, and it appears that he is sticking with that build on the Geo this season.

Perhaps most relevant to this play is Milano's curve of choice - the CCM P14/Bauer PM9 (Blade 3 on our site). The flat surface is perfect for batting pucks out of the air, especially when they are laid up as beautifully as on this feed from Trevor Zegras

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