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Max Domi Stick Spec Check

Max Domi Stick Spec Check

What stick does Max Domi use?

Max Domi of the Blue Jackets is the subject of today's HSM Pro Stock Spec Check. The first round pick and son of former Leafs enforcer Tie, Domi had a disappointing first year in Columbus, but at 26 is poised for a bounce-back campaign (though injury has slowed his start to the year).

Domi has used a number of different Bauer builds and graphics (including some custom ones) over his NHL career, but has typically stuck with the basic P92 curve and 82 flex. Popular specs are popular for a reason, and we see that combo all the time from some of the world's top players.

In this case, he was using a Vapor 1X Lite stick, which we still see popular among players who like a traditional stick taper rather than the elliptical taper on later model Vapor sticks. The "1X 3.0" code reflects that the 1X Lite was actually the third version of the 1X stick, after the original 1X and the 1X '16.

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