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Rasmus Dahlin Stick Spec Check

Rasmus Dahlin Stick Spec Check

What stick does Rasmus Dahlin use?


Former 1st overall pick Rasmus Dahlin has long been tipped as a future face of the NHL, and despite a down season he looks to be on the fast track to superstardom.

Bauer seems to be giving Dahlin the royal treatment in the form of super cool, extra custom pro stock sticks. Though painted as a 1X Lite, this twig has a custom "DAHLIN-D02" code, indicating that the construction of the stick doesn't match any of the standard Bauer builds.

Featuring a slightly deeper variation of the P92 curve, these sticks are 85 flex, rather than the typical Bauer 87 flex, giving them a little extra touch of uniqueness.

So what are these mystery sticks? Given Dahlin's affinity for Easton while coming up in Sweden, we think they are a custom modernized update on one of Rasmus' old Easton favourites.

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