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Sidney Crosby Stick Spec Check

Sidney Crosby Stick Spec Check

What stick does Sidney Crosby use?

Sidney Crosby needs no introduction for you to know him as one of the greatest players of all time. Crosby has used some old school specs his whole career, right down to leather gloves and a Reckoner graphic on his stick.

Crosby's custom curve is almost completely straight, but would be most comparable to a CCM P14 curve - definitely not the retail P29 "Crosby" curve that bears his name. We have seen a variety of flexes on Crosby sticks, but they are always at least 100, which is evidence of his freakish strength that has contributed to him being a generational talent.

Crosby prefers full sandpaper grip on the shaft of this stick, an unorthodox choice unpopular with many players. He also often has a custom namebar, though not on this particular stick which is in the traditional CCM format. The moral of the story when it comes to Sid the Kid's specs is that if it ain't broke, don't fix it - and there's no doubt that these unique specs have worked for Sid over the past 16 years of his storied career!

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