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Danny Heatley Stick Spec Check

Danny Heatley Stick Spec Check

What stick does Danny Heatley use?

Dany Heatley was a fan favourite in multiple stops throughout his NHL career, including when he scored 50 in '07 - a tally which still stands as the Sentators' franchise single-season record.

This twig features some classic specs for the era, a non-grip Easton with a heel curve. His curve is almost identical to the popular retail Easton Drury pattern, but with a slightly rounder P92-style toe shape. The specs seemed to do the trick for Heatley, who in 2008 passed Steve Yzerman as Canada's all time point scorer in international competition.

Dany All-Star used Easton sticks throughout his pro career, and was well known for his distinctive tape job and style. These Eastons with the Stealth CX graphic seems to have been used by Heatley at the tail end of his career while playing in Germany, the nation of his birth, though he used a number of different models over the years.

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