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CCM P46 Curve (Blade 11)

If you have used CCM's P46 "Bergeron" curve in the past, and were forced to switch to something different because it was no longer offered at retail, HockeyStickMan is where you'll find a ton of Pro Stock sticks with P46 curves, seen as Blade 11 on our website. The P46 is also a great option for those who love a big, deep hook and have been playing around with different curves. Despite it's growing popularity, you wont find the P46 in too many stores - so why not give it a try with the HockeyStickMan?

Featuring a deep pocket and big toe bend, this curve looks a bit intimidating to the average player, though it practice it is probably most comparable to a deeper P88 curve.  The P46 also has a fairly flat heel that aids in making and receiving passes despite the big banana-shaped profile Blade 11 offers. 

NHL players using this curve include Cam York, Keegan Kolesar, Cody Glass and Ryan Strome.  Many pros will opt for a max blade variant of this pattern, as it does tend to be fairly thin towards the heel as a standard offering. The shape of the blade has a very rounded, swoopy bottom, but otherwise looks along the same lines as a P88.

The P46 did not last very long in the retail scene and was phased out for P30 Parise/Panarin (Blade 15) on CCM's retail pattern options.  However, it still made a number of fans in its short reign, including among pro players who have been using it more frequently in the past few seasons.  We have even seen other brands like Bauer, Warrior, and True start to offer the P46 as a curve to their pro players.

Great for passing and shooting, Blade 11 on the HockeyStickMan website can still be found in various pro stock specs and is a great option for those looking to play around with different curves.  We expect to see a lot of this pattern over the next few years, so even though it is tough to come by now, shopping at HSM will allow you to get ahead of the game and try a P46 curve today!


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