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Tom Wilson Stick Spec Check

Tom Wilson Stick Spec Check

What stick does Tom Wilson use?

2022 NHL All-Star Tom Wilson is a polarizing player, but there is no doubt that he's the type of guy you'd rather play with than against. This was especially clear through the Caps' 2018 Cup run, as he played a key role in them ultimately lifting Lord Stanley's Mug. Wilson uses some pretty straightforward specs (typically P28 curve with 87 flex), but as a premier NHLer he gets access to Bauer's most sought after builds. On this stick, he opted for the limited edition Supreme ADV build with red 2S Pro graphic. The Supreme ADV didn't seem to catch on (perhaps why Wilson is using the 2NPROXL and 2SPROXL builds this year), but its distinctive Sonic Taper technology paved the way for the Ultrasonic and other more unique tapers.

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