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Blade 16

Blade 16

Blade 16

Known As:
Bauer P89 (Eberle)
Warrior W04 (Vanek)
Formerly Carter/Weight

Blade 16 is a mid-heel curve that is fairly open.  It has a slight wedge shape, finishing with a squared off toe area.

Looking for Something Similar?:
Blade 3 would be a much gentler and more subtle version of the mid-heel curve, both in terms of depth and openness.  Blade 8 is an option at the opposite end of the spectrum, representing a slightly deeper and more open curve than Blade 16.

What it’s Good For:
Blade 16 is excellent for taking slapshots, especially low to the ice.  It is also handy for backhands, and getting shots off quickly close to the net.  Overall, it is a very controlled curve, both in terms of being able to hang onto the puck when stickhandling, and making shots and passes with extreme accuracy and precision.  The square toe is also great for digging for pucks along the boards.

Many players will find that it is difficult to generate a lot of velocity on wrist shots and snap shots using Blade 16.  Though basic puck control is fairly straightforward with this curve, more advanced stickhandling techniques are challenging to execute with Blade 16, especially toe drags with the squared off end.

Pro Players Using This Curve (or Similar):
Not one we see much these days, Blade 16 was the curve of choice for some of the stars of yesteryear, including Michael Ryder and Ray Whitney.  More recently, Cody Franson was known to wield Blade 16, showing that it is not just for forwards but rather a well rounded blade that can be used with a variety of play styles.

Our Take:
Hardly ever seen nowadays, Blade 16 still pops up from time to time on pro stock sticks.  It is a nice, easy to use option that allows you to really control the puck in all aspects of the game.  Despite its rarity, Blade 16 is an excellent option and worth giving a shot if you can get your hands on it.

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