Choosing the right hockey stick blade pattern or curve

Have you ever had a hockey stick that for some reason just felt right? Gave you harder shots, better accuracy, and increased control which made you attack the game with a new type of confidence?

If you haven’t yet you will, but inevitably that stick will meet its demise and your search to replace it will be underway.  This is where people often get frustrated, the make or curve is no longer available or the NHL player associated with the pattern is retired, etc. Or in Ovechkin's case switched brands and curve.

Here is a little something that the HockeyStickMan put together to help you understand the different types of patterns on the market:


              Pictures                                                                                   Description  By Brand Specifications

Most popular pattern in the game of hockey. 

For puck control, quick release, and firing shots. 

Start with this pattern. 

Easton: (E3) Hall / Sakic

Bauer: (P92) Ovechkin / Backstrom)

CCM Ribcore and Speedburner: (P87A) Crosby

CCM Tack: (P19) (Nugent-Hopkins) 

Curve - Big Mid

Lie - 5.5 - 6 

Depth - 12mm 1/2"

Face  - Open

Toe - Round

Prototypical mid-blade pattern.

The second most popular pattern in hockey. 

For stick handling, wrist shots, and quick release. 

Easton: (E36) Mid Blade / Iginla

Bauer: (P88) Kane/ Lindros

CCM: (P40) Hossa and Perron

Warrior: (W88) Zetterberg 

Curve - Mid

Lie - 5.5 - 6

Depth - 9/16th

Face - slightly open 

Toe - Round 

The most modest amount of curve. 

The third most popular. 

Allows for more blade on the ice. 

For handling the puck, and shooting forehand and back.

Easton: (E4) Cammalleri / Zetterberg

Bauer: (PM9) Stamkos / Malkin

CCM: (P42) Duchene

Warrior: (W01) Burrows / Savard

Curve - Mid-Heel

Lie - 4.5 - 5

Depth - 9mm 3/8 "

Face - Closed

Toe - Round

Most popular heel curve. 

Has a rounded toe and open face. 

For shooting off the heel, heavy shots, going top shelf, and for deflections. 

Easton: (E6) Parise / Drury

Bauer: (P91A) Stall  

CCM: (P36) Phaneuf and (P15) Galchenyuk

Warrior: (W05) Granlund / Kovalev

Curve - Heel

Lie - 5 - 6

Depth - 1/2 "

Face - Open Wedge

Toe - Round

Harder to find pattern. 

Similar to blade 1 with a square toe. 

For quick release, shooting accuracy, and for digging in corners. 

Easton: custom

Bauer: (P12) custom

CCM: (P45) Tavaras and Datsyuk

Warrior: custom

Curve - Mid 

Lie - 5 - 6 

Depth - 12mm / 1/2"

Face - closed

Toe - Square

Fastest growing pattern in hockey. 

Sometimes considered the elite players curve. 

For keeping the puck on the toe, quick release, and extreme precision and accuracy.

Easton: (P28) Open Toe

Bauer: (P14) Toews or (P08)

CCM: (P46) Bergeron and Landeskog 

Warrior: (W28) Yakupov

Curve - Toe 

Lie - 5 - 6 

Depth - 12mm/1/2"

Face - Open 

Toe - Round

A old favorite and very hard to find (Lidstrom). 

Built for shooting off the heel, for slapshots, and pinpoint passes.


Easton: (E5) Getzlaf / Lidstrom

Bauer: (P02) Kesler

CCM: custom

Warrior: (W02) Lidstrom / Jovanovski 

Curve - Heel 

Lie - 5.5 - 6 

Depth - 12mm/1/2"

Face - Open

Toe - Square

A heel curve with a rounded toe and no wedge. 

A starter blade for heel curve, easy transition from mid. 

For rising shots and saucer passes. 


Easton: custom

Bauer: (P106) Richards / Gagne 

CCM: custom

Warrior: custom

Curve - Heel

Lie - 5.5 - 6

Depth - 12mm/1/2"

Face - Open

Toe - Round


Quick Notes: 

  • Not sure? - The old Sakic (Blade 1) is now by far the most popular pattern on the market.
  • Safe Buy - Nothing to crazy, prototypical curve, the (Blade 2) is probably best. 
  • Small curve - You'll want the (Blade 3), also comes with the lowest lie. 
  • What's New - The Open-Toe (Blade 6) is gaining major popularity throughout the hockey world. 
  • Endangered - The Lidstrom / Getzlaf (Blade 7) - to our older population, if we have one, buy it quickly!
  • Extinction - Sorry Coffee lovers - the closest you'll find now a days is the (Blade 6) Open -Toe (worth a try)!  
  • Extinction - Strait - sorry old timer, maybe try a local museum?  

Now that you know the type of stick you want, why not buy from us? 

Check out our entire selection

Any questions about the curves? I will get back to you right away! 

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  • Thanks for the easy to follow content Joey

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  • Hey HSMan! :) Thank you for all the info and shared knowledge! Best answers to all comments I’ve seen so far, thus as an ex AA level hockey who had to stop for more than 10 years due to injury and life I think you might be the competent person to ask.

    As I am coming back, i find the industry with changed standards, thus could you please elaborate on how the curve pattern affects one’s shot’s power and accuracy?

    For example while playing i used a CCM 252 supra with i think a traditional Lindors/P88 curve, and found it deadly accurate. Now using the bauer mid-toe P92 im in a bit of trouble, i.e. it my left-handed shot seems to go a bit more to the right than the P88, shooting off the toe isn’t as instinctive and flat as it used to be and so on :)

    Thanks again and Cheers!


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