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choosing the right hockey stick curve or blade

How to choose the right hockey stick blade pattern or curve

 what hockey blade should i use

Have you ever had a hockey stick that for some reason just felt right? Gave you harder shots, better accuracy, and increased control which made you attack the game with a new type of confidence?

If you haven’t yet you will, but inevitably that stick will meet its demise and your search to replace it will be underway.  This is where people often get frustrated, when the make or curve is no longer available or the NHL player associated with the pattern is retired, etc. Or in Ovechkin's case, the player switched brands and curve.

For an even more in-depth look at each of our blade patterns, click HERE.

Here is a little something that the HockeyStickMan put together to help you understand the different types of patterns on the market:

Options Description By Brand Specifications

Most popular pattern in the game of hockey. 

For puck control, quick release, and firing shots. 

Start with this pattern. 

Bauer: (P92) Matthews

CCM: (P29/P90) Crosby

Warrior: (W03) Backstrom

TRUE: (TC2) Marner

Easton: (E3) Hall / Sakic 

Curve - Big Mid

Lie - 5.5 - 6 

Depth - 12mm 1/2"

Face  - Open

Toe - Round

Prototypical mid-blade pattern.

Once the second most popular, seeing less of this curve. 

For stick handling, wrist shots, and quick release. 

Bauer: (P88) Kane/ Lindros

CCM: (P80/P88) Ovechkin or (P40) Mackinnon (Square Toe)

Warrior: (W88) Gaudreau


Easton: (E36) Mid Blade / Iginla 

Curve - Mid

Lie - 5.5 - 6

Depth - 9/16th

Face - slightly open 

Toe - Round or Square

The most modest amount of curve.  

Allows for more blade on the ice. 

For handling the puck, and shooting forehand and back.

Bauer: (PM9) Larkin

CCM: (P14) Duchene

Warrior: (W01) Scheifele

Easton: (E4) Cammalleri / Zetterberg

Curve - Mid-Heel

Lie - 4.5 - 5

Depth - 9mm 3/8 "

Face - Closed

Toe - Round

Most popular heel curve. 

Has a rounded toe and open face. 

For shooting off the heel, heavy shots, going top shelf, and for deflections. 

Bauer: (P91A) Staal  

CCM: (P6) Phaneuf and (P15) Jones

Warrior: (W05) Granlund


Easton: (E6) Parise / Drury

Curve - Heel

Lie - 5 - 6

Depth - 1/2 "

Face - Open Wedge

Toe - Round

Harder to find pattern. 

Similar to blade 1 with a square toe. 

For quick release, shooting accuracy, and for digging in corners. 

Bauer: (P12 Custom)

CCM: (P45) Tavares and Datsyuk

Curve - Mid 

Lie - 5 - 6 

Depth - 12mm / 1/2"

Face - closed

Toe - Square

Fastest growing pattern in hockey. Most popular next to Blade 1. 

Sometimes considered the elite players curve. 

For keeping the puck on the toe, quick release, extreme precision and accuracy.

Bauer: (P28) Eichel

CCM: (P28) McDavid

Warrior: (W28) Gallagher


Curve - Toe 

Lie - 5 - 6 

Depth - 12mm/1/2"

Face - Open 

Toe - Round

An old favorite and very hard to find (Lidstrom). 

Built for shooting off the heel, for slapshots, and pinpoint passes.


Bauer: (P02) Kesler

CCM: custom

Warrior: (W02) Lidstrom / Jovanovski

Easton: (E5) Getzlaf / Lidstrom

Curve - Heel 

Lie - 5.5 - 6 

Depth - 12mm/1/2"

Face - Open

Toe - Square

A heel curve with a rounded toe and no wedge. 

A starter blade for heel curve, easy transition from mid. 

For rising shots and saucer passes. 


Easton: Custom

Bauer: (P106) Richards / Gagne 

CCM: P50 (Gagne)

Warrior: Custom

Curve - Heel

Lie - 5.5 - 6

Depth - 12mm/1/2"

Face - Open

Toe - Round

Small blade with a mid-toe curve and a fairly open face.

Blade 9 also features a fairly square toe.

Bauer: (P14) Toews

CCM: (P49) 

Warrior: (W14) Chara

Curve - Toe

Lie - 5.5 - 6

Face - Open

Toe - Partially square

Shallow mid curve with a moderately open face and a rounded toe.

Blade 10 is essentially just a milder version of Blade 1, which is very similar but with a slightly deeper mid-section and moderately more open toe.

CCM: (P19) Nugent-Hopkins


Curve - Shallow Mid

Lie - 5 - 6

Face - Open

Toe - Round

Deep pocket and big toe hook, but a fairly straight and thin heel.

Like most toe curves, Blade 6 is usually a safe bet for a comparable curve.  If it’s the deep pocket you’re after, Blade 13 builds on this with an even deeper pocket.

CCM: (P46) Bergeron

Curve - Deep Mid

Lie - 5 - 6

Face - Open

Toe - Round

Moderate mid curve that finishes with a very open toe hook.

Blade 12 was created as a hybrid between Blade 1 and Blade 6, and is very reminiscent of both.

(P90T) Pro Benn

Curve - Mid Toe

Lie - 5.5 - 6

Face - Open

Toe - Round

Blade 13 is a very deep mid curve with a long blade and a fairly open face.

Blade 1 has a similar overall shape, but is not nearly as deep and is slightly more open.


Warrior: (W71) Pacioretty / Larkin

Curve - Deep Mid

Lie - 5-6

Face - Open

Toe - Round

Big mid-toe curve with super open, almost dish-like face.

Being such an extreme curve, there is not much in the way of retail equivalencies.

Bauer: (P08)

CCM: Crazy Ovi

Sherwood: (P77) Coffey (Similar)

Warrior: (W11)


Easton: (E38)

Curve - Toe

Lie - 5.5 - 6

Face - Open

Toe - Round

Moderate mid curve with a toe kink and fairly closed faced toe.

Blade 15 was created as a variant of Blade 2 with a toe kink, so many players will find the transition between the two to be fairly straightforward.

CCM: (P30) Parise / Panarin

Curve - Toe

Lie - 5 - 6 (Dual Lie)

Face - Open

Toe - Round


Quick Notes: 

  • Not sure? - The old Sakic (Blade 1) is now by far the most popular pattern on the market.
  • Safe buy - Nothing to crazy, prototypical curve, the (Blade 2) is probably best.
  • Small curve - You'll want the (Blade 3), also comes with the lowest lie. 
  • What's new - The Pro Benn (Blade 12) curve is a strong option as a hybrid between the Blade 1 and Blade 6. It is gaining a lot of popularity around the league
  • Looking for a challenge - The McDavid/Eichel (Blade 6) has taken the pro leagues by storm and it is trickling down through the amateur ranks. If you're looking for a bit of a new challenge, this is an option.
  • Custom - Don't like any of these choices? We have a wide selection of custom curves from pros around the world HERE.
  • Endangered - The Lidstrom / Getzlaf (Blade 7) - to our older population, if we have one, buy it quickly! We are doing our best to keep this one alive with our Pro Blackout line - check out our best selling sticks HERE.
  • Endangered - Sorry Coffee lovers - the closest you'll find now a days is the Blade 14 and it is hard to come by. We are keeping the P77 curve alive as well in our Value Blackout line - check them out HERE
  • Extinction - Straight - sorry old timer, maybe try a local museum?

Now that you know the type of stick you want, why not buy from us? 

Check out our entire selection

Any questions about the curves? I will get back to you right away! 

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  • What blade is better for a center/wing. Stick handles well and good passer, but could use help getting the puck up on shots. Uses backhand a lot. Currently uses a warrior with a W03, I’ve found W71, should he try that or stay with the W03

  • Thanks for the easy to follow content Joey

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