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Who has the Hardest Slapshot in NHL History?

On CBC's recent documentary "Champions vs Legend: Hockey" they dive into what it would be like for today's NHL Slap Shot king, Shea Weber, to use an old wooden twig on a slapshot. The stick was curved in hot water by the HockeyStickMan himself! Thanks to CBC for making us a part of this awesome idea.


Hey, I love Bobby Hull, we used to keep his cows on our farm. He is a tank, no doubt about it, but I don't know about 118MPH. Either way, this was fun!

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  • Hi Scott – The old Modano pattern is still being used today at the lie of 5. It is considered our Blade Type 3, and you can search our site for a whole list of them by going to the stick selector and choosing Blade 3. This will give you all the products that contain that curve on our site:

    Joey Walsh
  • I am desperately trying to match my old favorite stick curve in Lie 5 It started out in the two piece world as Easton RB III then morphed to Modano II over the years the names have changed. The last match I had was Easton S19 Heatley. The Super Tacks Hossa from a few years ago was very close but that is gone. P88 seems close but those are Lie 6 or 5.5 from Base. P92 is too open for me but available in Lie 5 which I like. Help!. Thank you for reply.

    Scott Wallenberg

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