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EASTON IS BACK! - Easton Hockey Sticks for sale at HockeyStickMan


Easton is, was, and probably always will be my favorite! As most of you now know Easton was bought out and they are no longer making sticks (except for select NHL players).  The news hit many of us hard, resulting in shouts of anger, uncontrollable sobbing, and lost hockey souls.  What do I do now?  

For those people I always promised I would try......and for the past number of years I have phoned up as many sources as I could to try to find a stock pile of Easton's. I knew that someone would have them somewhere, and friends, today is that day!  

It is with great pride that I unveil to you a large selection of......Easton SE16, S19, S17, EQ50, Synergy Elite, ST, V9, V9E, RS, RS2, MAKO, MAKO2, CX, HTX .  

Now, I must admit life isn't perfect.  These are Pro Stock Easton's, so many of you will know what that means (sticks are "dressed as" various models). Also they have been in storage for a while and they were shipped across the country, etc. so there may be the odd mark or scratch.  We don't have everything (my Lefty Sakic 100 Flex SE16 was not in there either), but damn its a chance to play with a Easton again! 


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  • By any chance do you know what year the Easton T-Flex 100 flex aluminum shaft and
    blade is from? I want to say 92 but not sure, cannot find an online catalogue to check.
    It’s one Roenick used while with the Blackhawks & think Gilbert Dionne with Montreal. Quite historic as I seem to recall it was the first tapered shaft, however the blade that it came with had a standard length hosel unlike current ones that are about 2" shorter

    Hockey Fan
  • The day the news about being bought out by bauer I went and bought 22 sticks with grip 100 flex in both my curves still got about 10 left or so happy I splurged on them

    Bryce Kennedy
  • Hi, Do you know the length of the old Easton aluminum sticks? Mine had green lettering (if that matters) and it was the perfect length uncut. Just getting back to the game after many years, bought a stick that needs to be cut and would love to find the length of my old stick and duplicate that!
    Thanks, Joe


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