Warrior Covert QRL - Intermediate


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$30 off Warrior QRL!

The Warrior Covert QRL stick features a lightning quick release that is created through explosive recoil in the stick. This increases the speed of the puck release with more velocity and pinpoint accuracy. The Covert QRL has Minimus Carbon 1000 which is a high strength, lightweight flat carbon composite weave design. High modulus flat fiber is extremely lightweight and enhances the QRL’s construction technologies. It makes the Dagger Taper III more responsive and maximizes the True 1’s balance and feel. 

PRO STOCKS - Play with what the Pros use! All of our pro stock sticks come straight from professional, college, or junior level teams. Pro stock hockey sticks are typically more reinforced to perform at elite levels, but they do not come with a manufactures warranty.

    Please note:

    • These sticks are pro stock Warrior QRL models. Various sticks may come with custom college team logos and colors or dressed as another Warrior.
    • Some sticks may come in retail models

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