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High end 100% Carbon hockey stick. Built for performance and the durbaility to withstand the demands of the pro game.  


Most are standard retail length (65-67" tall / 60-62" shafts). Some are slightly tall as they are pro models. 

This will help you recognize and choose a pattern that is right for you, below is what these curve patterns are equivalent to:

Blade 1 - P92/Mathews, P29/Crosby, W03/Henrique (Old Sakic/Ovechkin) 
Blade 2 - P88/Kane, P80/Ovechkin, W88/Gaudreau (Old Lindros) 
Blade 3 - PM9/Stamkos, P14/Duchene, W01/Lupal (Old Madano/Zetterberg)
Blade 4 - P91A/Staal, P15/Jones, W05/Grandlund (Old Drury/Parise) 
Blade 6 - P28/Eichel, P28/McDavid, W28/Gallagher (Old Kreps)
Blade 10 - P19/Nugent-Hopkins 
Blade 11 - P46/Bergeron 

Please Note: 

  • All sticks come with soft touch grip finish unless specified Non-Grip
  • Not all sticks are the same 
  • No Warranty (but please let us know if it breaks quickly on you)

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